Just 24 Pets Taunting Their Owners Because They Can

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Animals love us and sometimes, they also love to torture us. Here are 24 animals taunting their owners because they can.

1. "I could do it, you know. I won't today. But I could. Remember that."

2. New game. It's called keep away.

3. What are you going to do about it, construction guys?

4. Oh, did you spend a long time on this?

5. "Sigh, that was my pillow. It's Bob's now."

6. Coffee cup? Haven't seen it.

7. You can look, but you can't touch.

8. Right now I'm just standing in the middle of the board, but I could move any direction and destroy game night.

9. There's a reason foxes have a reputation for being sneaky.

10. You are in the splash zone.

11. "I found her doing this at 2am"

Oh did the noise wake you? My bad. I didn't think you'd hear it.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

12. Okay, fine. You win.

13. "Oh you ordered some pizza. That's funny because I ordered some sits."

What? I'm just sitting here, minding my own pizza. I mean business.


14. No, sure, feeding me can totally wait until after your workout.

15. We're so perfect for each other because I love chairs, and you hate them.

16. When your pet leaves a trail to their crime for you to follow.

17. "Even with the whole bed empty, Ringo chooses to sleep on my brand new shirt..."

When your cat sheds and it's like he just KNOWS it.



18. Pucker up and close your eyes. I will definitely kiss you this time.

19. "Oh I'm sorry were you in the middle of something?"

This is what happens when you pay attention to things that aren't cats.


20. You can have it back as soon as you catch me, tiny human.

21. “.......So.....are you going to clean this up?” -Binx

22. This counter should have less stuff on it. I'm helping.



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