We're Living For These Photos Of A Dog's First Trip To Target

For even the savviest of shoppers, big box stores can overwhelm. The endless selection! The low, low prices! The canned muzak piped in overhead!

So it shouldn't surprise that a newbie to the experience would be, well, a bit bamboozled. Nonplussed, even.

OMG: An Instagram Of Dogs Ordering Bagels At A Drive-Thru Is Totally Our Brand

But what if, relative to this here website, we told you said newbie was actually a dog — and an extremely adorable one at that?

Such was the case earlier this week when a California woman brought her puppy, Zira, to a Target, where the four-legged bargain hunter was paraded about this local edifice of capitalism from the confines of a shopping cart.

"MY DOG WENT TO TARGET AND LOOK HOW HAPPY SHE IS", she captioned the photoset of her corgi/Aussie mix marveling at the approximately 432 brands of bottled water available for purchase.

Finding the mind = blown spectacle very relatable, Twitter promptly fell head over heals for the loveable doggo.

The resultant crush of viral fame (102,000+ retweets and counting) pushed the pup to the top of the site's trending tab — and right into the ~crosshairs~ (did you see what I did there?) of dog lovers elsewhere on the social web.

The takes came fast and they came a furrr-ious.

Surprisingly, America's 6th largest retail chain has yet to capitalize — or even comment — on the buzz generated by this comet-streaking-across-the-night-sky earned media, but Zira herself certainly has: In the last 24 hours alone, her Instagram follower count has spiked to more than 11,000+.

But enough chitter-chatter, let's scroll past additional pics of this cutie pie before we exit through this post's checkout lane.

Are you a fan of dogs in stores? Not everyone is.