People Are Sharing Pics Of Dogs In Shopping Carts & We're Soooo Here For It

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Me at a big box store: "Late stage capitalism is a system of control designed to enrich the 1 percent — and enslave everyone else."


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Also me at a big box store: "OMG, look, there's a dog in that shopping cart, let's go ask their humans if we can take a selfie for Instagram."

LOL: We're Living For These Photos Of A Dog's First Trip To Target

Over the weekend, folks at Facebook's Cool Dog Group started sharing snaps of puppers riding in shopping carts and it's as gloriously adorable as it sounds.

Here are 28 of the best!


1. "Doin' me a price check."

2. That's not a dog, that's an Ewok.

3. If this was a romcom, we'd call it Meet Cute In Aisle 7.

4. What did we ever do to deserve doge?

5. You would need a literal crane lift to get Jumbo here in and out of a shopping cart.

6. Yeah, sex is cool but have you ever seen a dog costumed as a lobster riding in a shopping cart on a day other than Halloween?

7. "Get in loser, we're going shopping."

8. Sad reax ONLY.

9. When you see there's a sale on tennis balls.

10. Tuesdays are 2-for-1.

11. That tongue, tho!

12. "Wake me up when we get to the row with all the bones."

13. Stoic pup carefully assessing prices verses features.

14. "I can't believe it's not butter."

15. Fancy pup only rides in bags, thank you very much.

16. "Where can I buy 20 of him?"

17. "You want me to sleep where?"

18. If this was a cat I'd try to make some sort of stupid "papurr or plastic" joke. Oh, wait I just did ....

19. Smol pup, big purchase.

20. Someone give him a hug, already.

21. That's a weird bear. 🤷

22. My face when the budget is tight and you have to put the fiesta-size bag of tortilla chips back on the shelf.

23. "This is my favorite brand of cardboard."

24. Can you even right now?

25. When the spotter becomes the spottee.

26. tfw you pass the hot bar and everything looks tasty but you can't settle on what to get.

27. "Have you been calling other dogs 'good boys', y or n?"

28. Judges: "We'll allow it!"

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