These Service Dogs Just Spent A Day At Disneyland And OMG

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We live in dark and sometimes trying times โ€” but there are still moments of sun-shiny brightness that remind us that the world still can be a wonderful place. Seeing a group of adorable, smiling service dogs take a field trip to Disneyland is one of those moments.


Yes, this really happened. And, yes, there are pictures to prove it.

The dogs in question were instant stars at the theme park, of course โ€” but, because they're service dogs, their fans had to settle for taking pictures from afar instead of rushing in for hugs and kisses and pets (and that must have been SO. DIFFICULT).

The excursion wasn't just for fun though. Like all good field trips, there was an educational component for the pups. Service dogs have to be able to stay focused on their handler in crowded, stressful places and situations, and theme parks are a perfect place to put those skills to the test.

Luckily, the dogs seem to have passed this test with flying colors, if their downright stoic poses are any indication. Look at these oh-so-serious, working faces:

They did loosen up and have fun too though โ€” I mean, it's Disney.

They even posed with some of the parks more permanent animal residents.

Video of the Day

Can we get an invite next time? We volunteer to chaperone this field trip literally ANY TIME.