21 Of Your Sleepiest Pets

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Cuteness fans shared their sleepiest pets on our Facebook page, and we love them all! Keep them coming!

1. "Milo loves sunbathing!!!"

Marion's cat Milo knows what's up.


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2. "Ollie after a big day of playing with other puppies."

We need more pictures of Ollie please Bri.


3. "Our Remi boy, as lazy as he wants to be!"

Uh, we think that's Remi's bed now, David.


4. "This is how our new rescued pittie sleeps on us."

Thanks for adopting this cutie, and thank you for sharing him/her with us, Cassie!


5. "Chloe was doggone exhausted after a walk around the block! Her exercise tolerance has definitely decreased in her 12 years. "

Sarah, that is one pooped pug. Thanks for sharing Chloe with us!



6. "She was tired after attacking my plants and stalking the fish lol."

It's hard work being a cat, Jessica.


7. "Redβ€πŸ˜‚He's so silly!!"

Thank you Christina, for sharing your silly and sleepy pup!


8. "Parsley with his licker hanging out πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜›!"

We are always here for a good sleep blep. Thank you Lisa!


9. "My baby girl is on my lap and won't get off ...lol."

She looks comfy and we don't blame her Kenzie.


10. " Muffin doing what he does best."

Thank you Stan. Muffin is very good at naps, indeed.

11. "Fell asleep watching TV again ..."

Dan's pup is all of us.

12. Cynthia shared this pile of sleepy pups with us, and we will never be the same.

13. "Waiting for people food which they didn’t get."

Dawn, please share your food with your cute cats.


14. "Chi Chi, Blue and Nugget ... out for the count!"

Inter-species snoogling! We are here for it. Thank you Yvonne!

15. "She is on her way. She had to have her pillow lol."

Penny's chihuahua knows how to nap!

16. "Finnegan flipping me the bird when i disturbed his nap."

Maybe don't disturb Finnegan's nap, Mira. (But thank you for this adorable pic!)

17. Claudia says, "We call this the 'train wreck.'"

We can see why. And we like it.


18. "Our sweet guinea pig Skylar taking care of our precious Paris Nikole after surgeryπŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–!"

Awwww! Thank you Shelly!

19. "Toby napping on my NICE CLEAN CLOTHES I just folded."

That's the westie way, Jessica.

20. "Troy and Smudge enjoying two new beds."

You're a good mom, Jeanette.

21. "Shane snoozing! Laredo in the background."

HORSIES!! Thank you Julie!


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