16 Lazy Cats Auditioning To Be On The Cover Of An Agatha Christie Novel

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Murder was the case that they gave me-ow

Emotional outbursts from unstable politicians and actresses aside, Twitter truly is the social media gift that keeps on giving.


The latest evidence of the platform's power for LOL comes from a now viral thread bridging two distinct online communities: Murder mystery aficionados and kitty connoisseurs.

Video of the Day

Video of the Day

And it all started with an unlikely observation about snoozing felines:


"My new favorite genre of photography is 'cats who are auditioning for the role of the body in an Agatha Christie novel'", shared writer and journalist Boze Herrington with his 25,000+ followers.

The hilarious photoset of overdramatic floofs quickly caught fire with hundreds of commenters volunteering images of their own cats deep in slumber, the best of which came, in keeping with the literary theme, bookworm-flavored captions.


Check out the best of the bunch below!


1. "Mine get very into the dramatic face-down positions."

2. "Cagney doing a good job of trying to frame me for her murder."

3. "When would you like her to start?"

4. "It was a double homicide."

5. "My cat is constantly auditioning. Here's 'Arsenic In The Bedroom.'"

6. "'Done in By the Nip', a little known Christie tale but a good one to be sure."

7. "Please consider Clooney, he has no acting experience but does come w the name." πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

8. "My cat definitely should have been a contender."

9. "I pant, I sink, I tremble, I expire!"

10. "I came to the comments for cat pictures and I was not disappointed."

11. "He never saw it coming."

12. "Death by carrot πŸ₯•"

13. "Very seriously, even learning from professional mannequins 😬 Couldn't avoid, she lives for that role πŸ˜…"

14. "Dix has secretly been training for this for the past thirteen years."

15. "Wakaba gave literally a twist, both in plot and body."

16. "Cocoa’s time to shine has arrived"

Naturally, the thread also prompted some terrific takes.



"Could this get an official hashtag. I could look at these all day," quipped one commenter.

"* draws chalk outline *," added another.

Others found it very, very relatable: "Ohhh I am very familiar with that genre #overdramaticcats".

Before we, well, turn the page on this trend, let's enjoy one last topical meme. 🀣

For more sleeping cats contorted into model-like positions, bounce on over to Twitter Moments.


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