These Life-Sized LEGO Sculptures of Cats and Dogs Will Blow Your Mind

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When bric-a-brac meets brick-a-brac



That was our response when these amazing, life-sized animal sculptures composed of Lego-like building blocks surfaced recently on the social web.

Measuring from 7 to 36 inches in length, the must-have kits are manufactured and sold by Jekca, a Hong Kong-based toy brand who cleverly markets itself to "kidults" (cue the "I feel seen","is me," and "relatable" reaction GIFs).


And equally astounding is the depth of the product line: From terriers and tabbies to parrots and pandas, the company's website features more than 700 (!!!) kits for sale, each modeled after a different adorable critter.

Also really cool: The figures can be easily cobbled together by everyone from the total novice to the LEGO super wizard.


According to a post on the company's Facebook feed, the sculptures "will not collapse or break apart. No glue is needed and the procedures are reversible and straightforward."

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And if their kits' relative complexity still makes you hesitant to fork over your plastic, breathe easy because, like Ikea, another quirky retailer with a devoted mass following, a "detailed step by step manual is included in [every] package."


Naturally, fans of the product range have taken to platforms like Instagram to share some of their creations standing side by side with their flesh-and-blood likeness and the best of those snaps have been collected below for your scrolling pleasure.

Additional photos from the brand's social media channels afford a sense of scale and how the blocky boofs can be used as decor around the home or really any interior.

To learn more, visit Jekca's website or watch the unboxing video embedded below: