Which Hotel and Motel Chains Are Pet-Friendly?

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How do you balance your love of travel with your disdain for leaving your pet? If you're like many people, you don't balance it; you just skip traveling (at least sometimes).

According to a 2018 survey conducted by Orbitz and Rover.com, almost one-third of pet owners admit to skipping trips to stay home with their pets and a whopping sixty percent of millennials have passed on travel plans because they couldn't find a good sitter for their dog.

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In the first half of 2018 alone, searches for pet-friendly hotels and motels increased 30 percent over data from the same period in 2017.

"Orbitz knows that travelers treat their pets like part of the family and want to reward them with the same amazing amenities they can find every day on our site," Carey Malloy, Director of Brand Marketing for Orbitz explained of the company's decision to add more pet-friendly lodging options to its results. "As more options become available to make traveling with pets possible, from pet-friendly hotels, bars and restaurants to technology to find on-the-go pet care, we expect this trend to keep growing."

When pet owners do travel, they bring their furry family along as often as they can. The Orbitz/Rover survey found that almost 40 percent of pet owners already travel with their pets and that 40 percent of pet owners report that they would rather stay in a hotel than to crash with friends or family while traveling. This adds up to an increasing demand for pet-friendly hotels and motels, of course.

If you're looking to travel with your pet soon, or ever, honestly, bookmark this page because below is a handy guide to pet-friendly hotel and motel chains in the United States.

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Best Western

More than 1,600 Best Western locations across the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean welcome dog—with some restrictions. Best Western limits guests to two dogs per room and only allows dogs up to a maximum size of 80 pounds. The chain does charge additional fees for guests with pets—$30 per day (with a maximum of $150 per week) for each room with a pet. Some locations may also charge a (refundable) damage deposit of up to $150 per stay.

Candlewood Suites

Candlewood Suites welcomes pets, but asks guests to call ahead and give management a heads up about their furry guest. Candlewood's pet policy includes a weight limit (pets that weigh more than 80 pounds aren't allowed, unfortunately) and a fee (six nights: up to $75, seven + nights: up to $150). The chain also requires proof of up-to-date vaccinations for all pets.

Choice Hotels brands: Including Comfort Inn and Suites, Econo Lodge, Rodeway Inn, Mainstay Suites, Quality Inn, Sleep Inn & Suites, Suburban Extended Stay Hotels, Clarion Inn & Suites, and Ascend Hotel Collection

Choice Hotels, the parent company of a range of well-known chains including Comfort Inn and Suites, Econo Lodge, Rodeway Inn, Mainstay Suites, Quality Inn, Sleep Inn & Suites, Suburban Extended Stay Hotels, Clarion Inn & Suites, and Ascend Hotel Collection, boasts more than 2,500 pet-friendly hotels across the country. The chain has a dedicated pet-friendly hotel search engine to help guests find pet-friendly locations.

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Days Inn

Days Inn has a reputation for welcoming pets, but it's worth noting that each individual location has the discretion to makes their own pet policy, so be sure to check with your specific Days Inn about its pet policy. Fees for pets also vary by location, but typically start at around $10 per night.

DoubleTree by Hilton

With more than 120 dog-friendly locations, DoubleTree by Hilton is another great option for pet owners. The chain recommends calling ahead to make sure that a pet-friendly room is available, since not all rooms in dog-friendly locations are equipped for furry guests. DoubleTree also charges a maximum non-refundable fee of $75 per room for guests with dogs.

ExtendedStay America

Need a place to stay for a little longer? Most ExtendedStay America locations allow pets, albeit with a limit of two pets per room. The chain also charges more than many of its pet-friendly competitors for the privilege of having your furbaby stay with you—a $150 + tax cleaning fee, as well as a $25 + tax pet fee. Call your specific location to check on breed and size restrictions.

Four Seasons

On the swankier side of things, many Four Seasons accommodate dogs at no extra charge, however the specific pet policies vary from property to property. At the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills, for example, guests with pets enjoy an array of amenities, including pet treats, bowls filled with Evian water, and a complimentary pet bed. While the Four Seasons Chicago provides the same pet amenities, they limit furry guests to dogs under 30 pounds. Check with the individual hotel for pet policies and amenities.

Hampton Inn

Most Hampton Inn locations allow dogs, but the specifics of the policies—how many dogs, size restrictions, and fees—vary and are at the discretion of each hotel, so call ahead to make sure you understand the policy at the hotel you're staying at. While most locations don't charge a pet fee, they do reserve the right to charge guests for damage caused by pets.

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Hilton's Home2Suites chain is overall pet-friendly, but does limit guests to two pets per room, with weight maximums that vary by location. Pet fees also vary by location and you should check with your specific hotel to make sure you have a clear understanding of the restrictions and fees.

IHG Chains: Including Holiday Inn, InterContinental Hotels & Resorts, Hotel Indigo, and Crowne Plaza

Holiday Inn, InterContinental Hotels & Resorts, Hotel Indigo, and Crowne Plaza all owned by IHG chains, are all largely pet-friendly. IHG offers a pet-friendly hotel search and says it "understands how important it is for our guests to find pet-friendly hotels around the world."

"Our guests are made up of those who travel for a variety of reasons and who sometimes travel far from home for extended periods of time," they write on their website. "It's not always possible to leave your pets at home during long vacations or business trips, and often, you just want to have them with you to feel a little more at home while on the road."

Kimpton Hotels

Kimpton Hotels is a pet-friendly chain committed to making pet-owners and their furbabies feel welcome. "At every Kimpton hotel, we invite you to bring your hairy, feathery or scaly family member with you for your stay — no matter their size, weight, or breed, all at no extra charge. If your pet fits through the door, we'll welcome them in," the chain, which even employs a Director of Pet Relations at select properties, explained on its blog.

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Kimpton goes above and beyond for its furry guests, providing plush pet-bed loaners, food and water bowls and mats; a concierge list of nearby pet-friendly restaurants, parks, groomers and pet boutiques for guests with pets; door hangers to alert other hotel guests and staff that your cat, dog, or other beloved pet is in the room; and courtesy bags for walking your dog. What's more, they don't require a pet deposit or charge a pet fee and impose no limits on the size or number of pets that accompany guests.

La Quinta Inn & Suites

La Quinta Inn & Suites welcomes pets at most locations. "We understand that your pets are like family, so we're happy to welcome dogs and cats in our designated pet-friendly rooms at most hotel locations. When you stay with us, you can rest easy knowing that you (and your travel buddy) will feel right at home," they explain on their website. The chain's pet fees start at $20 per night and max out at $40 per stay and no more than two pets are allowed to stay in any room.

Loews Hotels

Loews Hotels don't just allow pets, they love them—that's their official stance: Loews Loves Pets. The chain has a pets program and provides swag for your furbaby. At check-in, pet guests receive treats, bowls, and place mats. And, if you need them, the hotel will even provide pet beds, litter boxes, scratching posts, pet toys, and more, all to make traveling with your favorite furball as stress-free as possible.

Other pet perks Loews boasts include "Pet-in-Room" signs for your door, gourmet room service menus for cats and dogs (developed by the hotels' Executive Chefs), dog-walking route maps, doggie pick-up bags, and connections to the best pet-walking and pet-sitting services in town and recommendations for nearby parks and local pet-friendly cafes and restaurants.

Loews does limit pet guests to two per room and requires proof of up-to-date vaccinations as safety measure. Some locations have pet fees and you can call yours for more information.

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Marriott Hotels: Including Marriott, Aloft Hotels, Residence Inn, Townplace Suites, Courtyard, Renaissance Hotels, and Sheraton

Hotels under the Marriott banner (which includes not just Marriott, but also Aloft Hotels, Residence Inn, Townplace Suites, Courtyard, Renaissance Hotels, and Sheraton are largely pet-friendly. Call your specific location to inquire about fees and size limits.

Motel 6

Motel 6 welcomes all "well-behaved" pets "unless they pose a health, safety risk or are prohibited by law" (the chain notes on its website that some state and local municipalities forbid pets other than service animals). The chain does enforce a limit of two pets per room, but welcomes pets free of charge in most locations.

Other exceptions to Motel 6's pro-pet policy? "Animals that pose a health or safety risk may not remain onsite and include those that, in our managers' discretion, are too numerous for any one room, cause damage to our property or that of other guests, are too disruptive, are not properly attended, or demonstrate undue aggression."


Novotel is a great pet-friendly motel chain, especially if you're traveling in Canada. The company does have any least one pet-friendly hotel in the U.S., too.

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The Peninsula Hotels

Many properties in The Peninsula Hotels family are dog-friendly, but some do impose restrictions (a maximum of two pets per room) and fees ($35-75 per pet). Some Peninsula hotels also offer pet amenities, like food and water bowls and dog beds. Check with the individual hotel as details of the pet policy can vary from location to location.

Red Roof Inn

Red Roof Inn is a great option for pet-lovers traveling on a budget because it's one of the few hotel chains that doesn't charge a pet fee. The chain prides itself on being pet-friendly and even provides a link on its website for guests to search for local dog parks near their hotel.

The Ritz-Carlton

While many Ritz-Carlton properties are dog-friendly, size requirements, fees, and amenities vary by location, so it's important to check the website (or better yet, call ahead) for your specific hotel.


Here's some good news: All Staypineapple locations are dog-friendly. What's more, they all also offer pup amenities like treat tins, water bowls, complimentary waste bags, and dog beds. Although the chain doesn't impose size or breed restrictions, the hotels do charge a nightly pet fee of $25 (and reserve the right to add additional charges if a guest's dog barks, howls or otherwise disturbs other guests. Incredibly, the chain also allows guests to leave their dogs in their rooms, unattended (which is a rare allowance when traveling with a pet).

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Most Travelodge locations have a limited number of pet-friendly rooms available for a $10 per night fee.

Vantage Hotels: Including Lexington by Vantage, Canada’s Best Value Inn and America’s Best Value Inn, and Value Inn Worldwide

Vantage Hotels' properties, which includes Lexington by Vantage, Canada's Best Value Inn and America's Best Value Inn, and Value Inn Worldwide, are mostly pet-friendly. Call your specific hotel to confirm its specific pet policies.


The Westin family of hotels includes 165 dog-friendly locations. Restrictions and fees vary by location and owners are expected to sign a waiver at check-in and to assume responsibility for any damage or excessive cleaning required as a result of their pet. The chain also has puppy perks though, in the form of a welcome kit that includes food and water bowls, an in-room sign, and the canine version of the Heavenly Bed.

Do you take your pet along when you travel? If so, where's your favorite place to stay?