People Are Photoshopping Cats Into Ridiculous Situations & We Are Here For It

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Released in 1990, Photoshop was initially developed to help filmmakers create special effects for summer blockbusters.

Today, more than 30 years after it revolutionized the movie and design worlds, pet owners are using this landmark software program to do something arguably far more important: Insert cats into hilarious situations.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

PREVS: "Airplane Ears" Is Our New Favorite Cat Meme

That's the takeaway from THIS CAT IS P H O T O S H O P P E D, a wildly popular Facebook tag group with nearly 50,000 members.

Launched in 2019, the community encourages members to "post your bois who are primed for 'shoppin [and] share your babies who have been 'shopped."

Sifting through hundreds of daily submissions, a team of six volunteer admins surface the best of the bunch — think funny facial expressions or human-like poses, ideally with good contrast and lighting — that promptly get remixed and filtered through everything from movies and ...

... and art ...

... to memes and occasionally even the submission or comment that preceded it.

Like the original post themselves, the best 'shops on a thread will often attract hundreds of emoji reacts and equally effusive comments.



The skill level of the image hacking varies from amateurs giving it a go on free mobile phone apps to graphic artist professionals competing from home on $6,000 Mac workstations but that, the organizers note, is all part of what makes the group so fun and welcoming.

Enough with the chitter-chatter, tho: Bring on the kitteh 'Shops!


1. "This is the Baroness von Peanut butter Cat'n Crunchiez. She battled her 27 lb brother piggie and her pupil was ruptured. She is fine and still challenges him weekly.What can you do with her?"

2. "Bob Marley had a little too much catnip. Can someone photoshop him meditating?"

3. "Newbie here: I don’t have photoshop. Can someone please photoshop a grade school “picture day” back ground for my best gorl?"

4. "Edit this sarlacc pit however you please"

5. "The majestic BoBandy. Do your worst plz."

6. "Can someone photoshop him? Maybe sitting at a desk or whatever you see best for this little guy 😆"

7. "This is garlic bread. She would love to see what you all can do 🥰"

8. "The floor is...lava?!?!"

" I am so sorry" 🤣🤣🤣

9. "What is she looking at?"

10. "I was sent here from another group to share this photo of my cats fighting on mt cookie.Do with it as you wish."

"The little wrist cuff 🤩"

For more hilarious content, trot on over to THIS CAT IS P H O T O S H O P P E D.

Have you ever Photoshopped your cat into a funny meme? Share it with us on Facebook!


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