24 Cats Who Finally Started Using The Cat Furniture Their Humans Bought For Them

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Cats are notoriously fickle critters who often favor the box over the present that came packaged in it.

So when they do start using that fancy cat bed or cat tower? Well, that is a win to be trumpeted, celebrated and shouted all at once.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

1. "I’m so excited. My kitten finally used the bed I bought for her two months ago. This is GROUND BREAKING NEWS."

2. "When you buy an expensive bed for the cat and he actually likes it 😍 VICTORY!!!! Just in time for some stormy snuggles"

3. "The kids kept trying to put this bed where they wanted Roxy to sleep (in their rooms) but she never took to it. Then I put it where I kept finding her, on the floor of the loft, and she jumped right in. So this is Roxy’s room now, overlooking the house and my remote work area. And I can sneak up and give her pets from the stairs so I approve."

4. "The humans finally moved this bed to an acceptable spot so now i sleep here alllll the time #catbedsuccess #catbedwin"

5. "A rare sighting: cat on new cat bed WITHOUT treat or catnip encouragement 😮"

6. "Look who FINALLY went in his bed, it's a Christmas miracle! #catbedsuccess"

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7. "😴 Shhh... don't tell my humans that I'm sleeping on my bed 🙊 Slowly but surely... #itsgrowingonme #FINALLY ."

8. "After months of his cat bed staying in the same spot, completely untouched, Harvey finally decided to get it a try. My heart is so full♥️"

9. "Literally within seconds of putting it down, pinch me because I can't believe it. #catbedsuccess #catsofinstagram"

10. "After weeks and weeks, we finally got her to sleep on the cat tree 🙄"

11. "Rushed for my phone so I could document Kenzi finally using the cat tree just in case it never happens again."

12. "Omg she actually goes in it of her own accord!! #proudparent #shocked"

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13. "It took her a few days, but she is finally sunbathing on her new cat tree!! ☀️"

14. "Monster’s finally keen on his cat tree/judging pedestal #hallelujah #hedoesthingsonhistime"

15. "After two months sitting unused in the corner, U took the pillow out and lined it with a freshly used shirt and boom, cat heaven, can't believe she finally went inside it to nap 😂"

16. "As I continue to show my defiance for the things my hoomans decide for me, I give you Exhibit “A”: the lovely cat bed they bought for me. For 6 months I refused to sleep in it, but after I flipped it upside down it is now MY decision to sleep in it. So I accept it... 🤣"

17. "We got a new cat tree last week and I finally got a picture of all 7 cats at once. It’s only taken 7 months..."

18. "I think he likes it!! #cattowersuccess"

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19. "I've finally found a way to save my couches 😂😂 #cattowersuccess"

20. "Left the room and then came back to find this! Come on it's just too cute! #CatFurnitureSuccess"

21. "I think my $4 Goodwill cat bed find is a success. #minormiracle #leapoffaith #lowriskhighrewardpurchase"

22. "Operation cat bed: success!!! They both are loving them. I just want to put headboards on them and they will be complete!"

23. "Holy canoli, she got in the cat bed of her own volition"

24. "Finally Sir Maxx is trying out his Christmas present! It has taken 4 weeks..."

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