Viral TikTok Products for Pets That Are Worth the Hype

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Maybe you don't have time to scroll through TikTok for hours on end in search of the newest viral pet products, or perhaps the algorithm feeds you content about cleaning and dancing rather than cats and dogs. Don't worry, we've done the hard work for you by scouring the platform for the latest and greatest pet products that are actually worth the hype. Based on factors such as durability, size, safety, relevance, and price, all 10 of these "TikTok made me buy it" items have a high likelihood of making tails wag and purrs abound.


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1. Groov Dog Toy

$34.00 at Amazon

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$34.00 at Chewy

This is a must-have product for crate training, dogs who get bored easily, or those who take a few minutes to adjust before they calm down in the kennel. Simply spread dog-safe peanut butter or your dog's favorite lickable treat onto both sides of the popsicle-shaped training aid. Your pet will become preoccupied with licking both sides, and the spreadable treat won't disappear lickity-split because Groov has little nodules (similar to those in slow feeders) that their tongues have to work around.


It comes with a lid for storage in the event that your dog doesn't lick everything off, but the lid is also helpful when creating frozen treats with ingredients like yogurt or canned pumpkin. Just take the Groov out of the freezer in the morning and pop it on your dog's crate before you head out the door. It attaches to most wire crates and locks into place when you stick it through an opening and rotate it 90 degrees. Groov is also beneficial for teething puppies, as it's made out of a single piece of all-natural rubber, and fosters a positive association with the kennel.


2. Capeka Luxury Dog Car Seat and Travel Bed

$204.49 at Amazon


This viral product is intended for small- and medium-sized dogs, but it can also work for cats who don't need to be enclosed when going for a car ride. It acts as both a car seat and a travel bed—there are zippers on either side of one of the cushions that allow you to lay it flat. The bottom cushion is also reversible, with a fuzzy warm side for winter and a breathable side for summer. When used inside the car, pet owners can secure the booster with a seat belt to keep it in place. It has an adjustable leash to prevent your dog from crawling into your lap while you're driving and posing a safety risk. The durable, waterproof liner is removable and can be thrown into the washing machine if it ever gets dirty. The car seat also touts thick handles for easy carrying, side storage pockets, and a nonskid bottom. It's designed for one pet under 30 pounds or two small pets under 10 pounds each.



3. Petkit Dog and Cat Water Fountain

$34.99 at Amazon


This 2-liter automatic water fountain can be used by dogs or cats. For cats with water dish hesitancy, this type of fountain (which mimics running water) can be a lot more appealing and lead to healthier kidneys and an overall healthier kitty. It can also be helpful for dogs who drool excessively or shed a lot, as the triple filtration system will rid the water of debris and contaminants. The fountain features a water-level window and an LED indicator light that lets you know when it's time to add more water. If the water level is too low, the pump will shut off automatically. The pump makes very little noise (less than 30dB) and is energy-efficient. The fountain is USB-powered and comes with a cable but an adapter is not included. Replacement filters are also sold separately.


4. Pawple Automatic Dog and Cat Feeder

$69.99 at Amazon

$69.99 at Chewy

This is another great product for cat or dog owners who are often away from home or have an unpredictable schedule. It's also perfect for pets who follow a strict diet. The 20-cup (7-liter) food reservoir has a locking lid to keep food fresh and secure. Users can select the portion size (2 teaspoons to 4.5 cups per feeding) and schedule up to four meals per day. You can even record a voice message to let your pet know that it's time to eat. It's easy to program using the LCD display panel, although it cannot be controlled via a smartphone app like some other models. A power adapter is included but the feeder can also run on four C batteries in the event of a power outage. The food dish is removable and dishwasher-safe for added convenience.


5. Tomohauk Snuffle Mat

$16.99 - $49.99 at Amazon

A snuffle mat is an enrichment toy that taps into your dog's natural instinct to hunt for their food using their nose. It can also function as a slow feeder because you can hide treats or kibble in the many compartments or flaps. This particular mat comes in two colors (blue or green) and two sizes (standard or extra-large) and is machine-washable. The standard size measures 10.2 inches in diameter, while the extra-large measures 16.8 inches in diameter. The snuffle mat has an adjustable belt to make it more compact for storage or to increase the difficulty level for your dog. The felt is ultra-soft on a dog's nose and the bottom is skid-resistant to keep the mat in place. It's a useful tool for slowing down fast eaters and provides the mental stimulation that dogs crave.

6. GF Pet Dog Ice Banda

$10.99 at Chewy

$10.99 - $14.99 at Petco

You might have a cooling pad at home for your dog to use on hot summer days, but now you can recreate that experience on the go with this cooling bandana. The fabric is lightweight, anti-microbial, and offers UV protection. It stays cool for up to six hours and has an adjustable band for a comfortable fit. While you could pop it in the refrigerator or freezer, rinsing it under cold water and wringing it out will also do the trick. The bandana comes in three sizes: extra-small, small/medium, and large/extra-large. It can be hand-washed with mild soap and air-dried if it gets dirty.


7. Natural Dog Company Powerhouse Bundle

$20.30 at Amazon

Natural Dog Company products are great for any number of ailments. This five-pack is perfect for multi-pet households or anyone looking to try out a product or two before committing to a full-size tin. The 0.15-ounce sticks are about the same size as a tube of lip balm. You can apply the balm directly to your dog's skin or rub it on your fingers first. The Wrinkle Balm is great for keeping skin folds healthy, and the Paw Soother helps to moisturize dry or cracked paw pads. Dogs with "scaly snouts" could benefit from the Snout Soother, while the Skin Soother is ideal for any area that's itchy and irritated. Finally, the PawTection balm helps to protect your dog's paw pads when walking on hot or rough surfaces during the summer or icy, salty ground in the winter. Best of all, the ingredients are all-natural and artificial fragrance-free, so it's safe for your dog to ingest some of the product if they attempt to lick it off. As always, consult a veterinarian before using topical treatments, or if any of your dog's skin issues persist.

8. Arf Pets Dog Treat Dispenser

$59.99 at Amazon


$59.99 at Chewy

This memory-training toy rewards your pup with treats and even sneaks in a little exercise. Just fill up the reservoir with your dog's kibble or his favorite treats, adjust the sliding panel to determine how much food is released, and introduce your dog to the button. You should first show them how a treat is dispensed when the button is pressed, and then encourage them to try it themselves. Eventually, they'll learn how to press it on their own, and you can move the button up to 10 feet away from the treat dispenser. There's an included garden stakes so you can place the button outside and a suction cup if you prefer to attach the button to a window or door. You'll need four C batteries and 3 AAA batteries to operate the toy as those are not included. Overall, the toy is a fun way to exercise your dog both mentally and physically!

9. Snoop Dog Toy

$11.87 - $11.99 at Chewy

$11.99 at Amazon

A less expensive treat-dispensing dog toy, the Orbee-Tuff Snoop toy comes in two sizes and can feed your pet treats or an entire meal. It's made in the U.S. using BPA-, lead-, and phthalate-free material, and even features a minty scent to freshen your dog's breath. To use the toy, hook your finger into the hole and flip up the inverted part of the ball, fill it with treats or kibble, pop it closed, and give it to your dog for extended playtime. Your dog will have to roll it around to retrieve the treats, but if you want to increase the level of difficulty, Planted Dog sells inserts that result in longer-lasting play. Alternatively, if your dog is less food motivated, you can keep the top flipped up to make it easier. This durable toy is easy to hand-wash, but it's best not to put it in the dishwasher. And, if you've got a smaller pup, we recommend the Lil Snoop.

10. Silicone AirTag Holder for Collar, 2-Count

$9.99 at Amazon

Apple AirTags allow you to keep track of luggage or car keys using the Find My app, but you can also attach them to your dog or cat's collar if they ever run away from you. These AirTag-compatible holders are made of silicone, come in a package of two, and slip onto your pet's collar, making it much less likely that the tracker will fall off or get damaged. The holders are scratch-resistant and will help protect the tracker from impact if it's ever dropped. They come in seven different colors and the flexible loops measure 0.8 to 1.2 inches, so they're suitable for many types of collars. You can even purchase a glow-in-the-dark version, making it easier to find a lost pet!



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