This Baby Opossum’s Survival Story Will Bring You To Tears

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Meet Tamala, a baby brushtail opossum with a pretty miraculous story.


Tamala was in bad shape when he was discovered on the side of the road by a concerned woman in suburban Australia last October. The little guy was covered in blood and near death when the woman brought him to Amaroo Wildlife Shelter, according to The Dodo.

Nicola Rae, founder of Amaroo Wildlife Shelter, wrote about Tamala's injuries on the shelter's Facebook page.

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"[Tamala] has been lucky enough to survive a cat bite to his head. We clipped, cleaned, and flushed his wounds daily. Started him immediately on pain relief and antibiotics, but he was still showing neurological signs that he wouldn't make it," she wrote.

"At one point I was very close to euthanizing him as he was behaving in a very odd way and seemed to have something very seriously wrong with him," she continued. "Then he seizured and I started him on valium. I couldn't bring myself to let him go as he had showed promising signs earlier of pulling through."

"I'm very glad that I held on to him and gave him some more time because he has recovered and is now growing like a normal healthy and happy possum joey!!!" Rae finished in her Facebook post.

Now that Tamala's health is finally improving, the ultimate goal is to get him ready to be released back into the wild. He's still too small now, but Rae hopes he'll be big enough in about a month, according to The Dodo. She also explained that it can be dangerous to release hand-reared opossums too soon — if released too soon, they may just be attacked again right away.

And don't worry: When the time comes for Tamala to be released, Rae and the people Amaroo Wildlife Shelter shelter know just how to help him make a successful transition.

"He'll be returned close to the area he was found, where there are lots of trees and food for him to eat," Rae told The Dodo. "We'll provide him with a very well-built solid box up the tree to nest in. Tamala is one very special possum and I'm so happy we could help him. The future's looking bright!"