The Best Carpets for Pets

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Whether you are remodeling or selecting carpet for a new home, pets can factor into a decision about which carpet to choose. The best carpeting for pets is the ones that do not have loops pets can catch their nails on. Loops can cause injury to an animals nail, possibly tearing if off completely, or damaging the carpet.


The best carpeting for pets won't catch their nails on it.
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When it comes to pets, the best carpet brands aren't as important as the material the carpets are made from and its durability. There are several styles of carpeting that manufacturers recommend for homes with multiple dogs and cats such as nylon frieze, wool, and synthetic polyesters — these are also styles recommended for high traffic areas. There also are different degrees of stain-resistant carpets to help protect against accidents.


Nylon frieze carpet for pets

Nylon frieze carpeting is recommended for both dogs and cats because it has a tightly twisted tuft that is higher than most other carpets. This is a high-quality carpet — if it's from one of the best carpet brands — and nylon frieze will need to be vacuumed more often to keep it clean.


Although a little extra maintenance is required, the carpet's durability is the payoff. This product should still be going strong after 10 years of wear and tear, and last up to 15 years. Nylon naturally resists pet odors, soil, and mildew too. Nylon might be the best carpeting for pets because it imitates the look of wool, but is more durable and stain-resistant, sometimes thanks to the addition of a chemical coating.


Soil-resistant carpet for pets

Stain-resistant carpet is good, but soil-resistant carpet is even better. Pets bring in dirt every time they return from outside. A carpet that keeps the dirt on top so it can easily be vacuumed is a good one to consider. Wall-to-wall carpeting also provides a slip resistant surface for pets, especially older dogs.


If you are worried about stains as well as dirt, have a moisture protection pad installed between the carpet and the padding. An extra barrier will also help if you have a young puppy still house training, or an elderly pet with incontinence issues.

Wool carpet for cats and dogs

Wool is naturally stain-resistant. Wool is considered hydrophobic, which means it wicks and resists moisture. However, wool can not be chemically treated to resists stains, so it requires a little more effort.


It is important to clean up any spills or pet accidents immediately when the liquid pools on top of the carpet fibers. When doing this, be careful not to push the liquid into the carpet. Lay a paper towel or absorbent cloth carefully on top of the spill and it should absorb away from the wool carpet immediately.


Triexta carpet for pets

Triexta carpet is made of a synthetic fiber or a new brand of polyester. In 2009, it was given the green light by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission as a safe product and is made from corn sugar, not petroleum, so is considered an environmentally friendly product.


It looks like nylon but has a softer texture, is highly stain resistant like wool, and is extremely durable. The stain resistance is similar to wool because, unlike typical stain resistant carpeting that has the resistant coating sprayed on top of it, the Triexta has the stain resistance built in to the fibers.

Carpet squares for pet owners

Carpet squares are gaining popularity with pet owners because they are similar to tiles. When a dog or cat has an accident, simply pick up the one or two tiles and clean or replace them. Many people think of the carpet squares found in industrial strength for high-traffic offices and schools; these are similar, only a better quality and style.

Carpet squares are highly cost-effective because homeowners can install them themselves, and can be replaced one at a time. If you opt to install a pattern, or checkerboard colors, matching old and new shades won't be an issue.



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