How to Get Your Cat Into Modeling

While cats are often seen in ads showcasing cat food and litter, it's also not unusual to find them on the pages of Cosmopolitan, Esquire, and Vogue. Animal talent agencies are always on the lookout for unique cats with personality, but it takes more than looks for a cat to make it in the modeling world.

Determine if She Has the Right Stuff

Blue Steel!
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While your cat may pose pretty at home, she'll also need to be calm and respond well on sets in strange, noisy situations. Photo shoots can take hours, with strange people primping, posing and cuddling your kitty under bright, hot lights. To figure out if your cat has the qualities to be a top model, grab a few friends and head to an unfamiliar, busy location. Let them primp and pose your cat by herself, as well as posing with your cat while you snap away. If she takes it all in stride for an hour or so, she may have a temperament suitable for the modeling industry. If she wants to cower in her carrier or looks like she wants to run, modeling likely isn't for her.

Train Up

Teaching your cat to respond to commands will help to further her modeling career. Companies paying big money for photo shoots don't want to waste time with unpredictable animals, so make sure your cat responds reliably to her cues. Some basic tricks you can teach your cat for the modeling industry include walking on a leash, meowing on command, going to a mark, sitting and lying down on command. Your cat also will need to be comfortable with a stranger holding her for extended periods during the shoot while moving from pose to pose.

Find an Agent

Register your cat with an animal talent agency. At minimum, you'll need to fill out an online profile and submit a clear, well-lit photo of your cat. Some agencies charge a fee, so ask for the agency's terms up front. Top Dog Talent Agency accepts cat actors and models with no up-front fee, while Anne's Animal Actors has a nominal per-pet listing fee. You can get your cat feline acting classes to help her model at Hollywood Paws Animal Agency. If high-fashion modeling is your goal, a New York agency is your best bet. All Creatures Great and Small is where Vogue, GQ, Glamor and other high-fashion productions get the felines that grace their glossy pages. The agency doesn't charge a fee, but you'll need to pass the company's screening process.

Start Local

Your local market may be the best place to give your cat a start on her modeling career and gain some experience to put on her resume. Local animal rescue calendars, fashion shows and publications will give her paws-on experience in the modeling world. Send her resume to local advertising agencies and pet-oriented businesses. Be sure to showcase her special skills, training and behaviors both in pictures and the description. Consider sending a video file of your cat performing her tricks to up the ante.