16 Reasons Why Pet Owners Can't Have Nice Things

Sure, we pet owners love nice things, but — no question about it — we love our pets more!

Here are 16 reasons why pet parents think twice before spending a fortune on anything their critters come into contact with.

1. Curtain Climbing

Image: Padaw4n.tumblr.com

2. Cushion Killing

Image: photofunny.net

3. Designer Shoe Destruction

Image: BarkPost

4. Gravity Tests

Image: Imgur

5. Automobile Abuse

Image: Vroomgirls

6. Inappropriate Pooping

Image: tickld

7. Plant Punishing

Image: ifunny.com

8. Game-Controller Crunching

Image: Dogshaming.com

9. Appliance Assault

Image: Dogshaming.com

10. Christmas-Tree Trashing

Image: MyWallpaper.top

11. Mail Mauling

Image: Dogshaming.com

12. Furniture Defacing

Image: Apartment Therapy

13. Couch Clawing

Image: The Perfect Place

14. Tile Floor Totaling

Image: FindingFunny1.Blogspot

15. iPhone Eating

Image: Reddit

16. Money Munching

Image: newdogworld.com