27 Times Cats Won The Internet In 2017

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Like the years before it, 2017 has come and largely gone.

And also like the years before it, 2017 left us with some unforgettable cats doing unforgettable cat stuff.

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From crashing the Westminster Dog Show and ringing bells for treats to befriending window washers and slipping into trust falls, these are the headline-generating felines everybody — and I mean EVERYBODY — was talking about during what will likely be looked back on as a really weird year.


1. This cat who activated turbo mode on his doggy BFF.

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2. These Japanese cats ringing desk bells for treats. #bigmistake

Because you can't spell feline overlords withouts LOL

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3. These kittens who cosplayed as Taylor Swift in a flawless recreation of her video for "Look What You Made Me Do".

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4. This cat who dances for money — and then turns the cash over to a local shelter to help other animals in need.

"Cash me on the inside, how bout dat"

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5. This cat who bonded with the window washers.

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6. This badass tabby who became a symbol of hope and perseverance after it was spotted swimming through floodwaters in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

Image Credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images News/GettyImages

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7. This cat who slinked into frame at the ~exact right~ moment.

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8. This cat undoing millions of years of evolutionary biology (NO BIG DEAL).

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9. These cats with more curls than a gym on arm day.

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11. This adventure cat who's been traveling around Australia with his human in the comfort of a plush camper van. #bestlife

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12. This kitten with the looooooooooooongest legs evah that has a future as a su-purr-model (soz, not soz) strutting her stuff on the catwalk.

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13. This cat with a cat-shaped loaf of black fur — on her nose! #Catception

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14. This cat who thinks he's a dalmatian.

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15. This cat who fought the law — and won!

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16. This gym cat bossing all the gym rats around.

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17. This tabby who was feted with a lavish spread on her 15th birthday.

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18. Stir-fry, the tuxedo kitten who adopted Food Network's Alton Brown as his forever human.

We 👀 you, Stir-fry!

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19. This lost kitten who hitched a ride back to town with a cyclist who spotted her alone on the side of the road.

Not all heroes wear capes (some sport spandex!)

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20. This gigantic ginger who's been rewriting the record book.

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21. This kitten who was on the table in the middle of the room — until she wasn't. #Houdinicat

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22. This cat who got less than he bargained for when his owner bought a miniature cat tree sized for a dollhouse! 😂 😂 😂

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23. These kittens who left actress Emma Watson speechless during an interview with BuzzFeed.

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24. This "office cat" who was finally rehomed after living in an Australian shelter for more than a year. 💗 💗 💗

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25. This paw-and-order cat living a fab life thanks to a chic kitty condo built and furnished by Boston SWAT cops.

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26. This ragdoll and his baby bro taking turns in a swing.

Adding spin with the tail = BRILLZ!

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27. The pretty kitties who crashed this year's Westminster Dog Show.

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