These 21 Dogs With Hilarious Eyebrows Will Blow Your Mind

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These floofs are on fleek.


1. "Every time she holds her ball, she gives me this look."

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2. "When I told her she couldn't have people food"

3. "It runs in the fam."

4. "Target has their dog, and now we have ours" — a McDonald's spokesperson after a nationwide search ended with this unibrowed pup with IRL golden arches

5. "Most people don't know this, but he's a direct descendent of Groucho Barx."

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6. "You'd smile too if someone called you a good boy on the reg."

7. "His bedroom eye(brows) melt my heart."

8. "I think he got passed over for the raise." #chowbrow

9. "Bandana brows FTW!"

10. "I didn't choose the brow life, the brow life chose me."

11. "The look a stewardess gives when they see a passenger trying to drink liquor they brought on a plane."

12. "Is that you William H. Macy?"

13. "Biggest eyebrow-to-doggy-size ratio in the business today."

14. "Seen here: The rare and elusive brow blep."

15. "When you sense food has spilled onto the kitchen floor."

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16. Store clerk at pet shop: "You need help with anything?" Me: "No, I'm just ... browsing." * turns in place, shows self out *

17. "The eyebrow is the reason we are together. Drove 2 hours out of town into the swamps 8 years ago because I just had to have her. She is the goodest."

18. "Maybe she's born with it. Maybe it's Maybelline. Nah, I think you can tell she was born with it."

19. "When your dog has better brows than you"

20. "Thou shall not pass (judgement on my brows)!" — this wizard dog with an epic beard

21. Judges: "We'll allow it!"


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