Just 20 Dogs Who Love to Climb Trees

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"Carrying sticks around down below on the ground? Pffft, that's for amateurs." -- all these climbing canines & arborkorists

1. "I have one #Corgi that hates being picked up and one that loves being put in trees ... try to guess which one this is." 不 不 不

2. "Some pups are environmentalists but this one is a real ... wait for it ... tree hugger."

3. "I'm not a dog, I'm just a different species of spotted."

4. "That's one way to get to the top."

5. "This new profile pic is gonna slay on Tinder, but did I over do it with the head tilt?"

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6. "Hi my name is Arrow and I wear goggles so branches dont poke my eyes out when I climb up trees!!"

7. Judges: "Well this is a rather literal interpretation of the list's frame, but we'll allow it."

8. "Fridays are for sitting in trees and looking sassy!"

9. "Barking up the wrong tree? I wouldn't know anything about that."

10. "Because the only thing better than one dog in a tree is two."

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11. "To catch the squirrel you have to become the squirrel."

12. "Mind the gap."

13. "Peak-a-bork."

14. "Why do these pups look like they're about to drop the most fire album of 2018?" #squadgoals

15. "Hiding from Monday morning like."

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16. "He's half dog, half teddy bear."

17. "Hello, 911? There's a smol puppy stranded in a tree and we need the fire department here ASAP."

18. "Legolas! What do your elf eyes see?"

19. "I wish I could like this twice "

20. "This dog's adventures > your adventures."