15 of The Most Annoying Things Dogs Do

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Dogs may be literally perfect but that doesn't mean they aren't without faults.


Read on as we detail fifteen of the most annoying behavioral canine tics.

Video of the Day

Video of the Day

1. Completely misunderstanding how leashes work.

It's not that complicated, buddy.


2. Unsupervised home "repairs".

While the gesture is appreciated, we usually hire professionals to do this sort of stuff.


3. Chomping on inedible stuff that they shouldn't be chomping on.

"What is it ​this​ time?" - me when something is crinkling in the other room


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4. Howling along with sirens, alarms, ambulances, emergency alerts, or the like (press play to watch).

It's just a test, stand down.



5. Barking rudely at the mailman (press play to watch) ....

.... or shredding what they slide through the slot.

It's okay, we didn't need that credit card statement anyways.


6. Chasing squirrels. Or chipmunks. Or birds. Or cats. Or, well, you get the idea.

Take a note from The Beatles and just LET IT BE.


7. Rolling in puddles of mud (and then tracking it in to your freshly cleaned home).

** Reaches for bucket & mop **



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8. Jumping gates or fences.

It's there for a reason, yo.

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9. Playing coy — only to lull you into a false sense of security so they can steal all your foods.

Voila! Your BLT is now their BLT.

10. Pulling a disappearing act when it's bath time.

The velcro pup that's by your side 24-7-365 suddenly beating a retreat at the sound of running water? Color us surprised.


11. Taking things that aren't theirs (press play to watch).

Dogs have no respect for personal property.

12. Playing tug of war with things that aren't toys.

What part of "let it go right now" do you not understand?

13. Wolfing food down too fast — and then barfing it up as a result.

"Patience? Nah, never heard of him." -- all dogs everywhere

14. Sleeping or sitting on furniture that is supposedly off-limits.

With all four legs still on the ground, she's technically still in compliance with the no-couch rule.

15. Doggo drool, doggo drool everywhere.

RIP fancy dress pants, we hardly knew ye.

Don't worry, pups — we still love ya! More of a cat person? Check out our sister list of annoying cat behaviors!