122 Spanish Cat Names

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Sure, you could name your cat some of the common cat names in the English language. There's nothing wrong with a jaunty name like Pepper or a tried-and-true name like Fluffy. But we bet your cat has a little more personality than that, and you want your name for him or her to show that. Here's a list of 122 perfect Spanish cat names.


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Spanish names for female cats

  • Playa (beach)
  • Corazón (heart)
  • Niebla (fog)
  • Biele (dance)
  • Gata (female cat)
  • Osa (female bear)
  • Flor (flower)
  • Selva (jungle)
  • Montaña (mountain)
  • Cascada (waterfall)
  • Lluvia (rain)
  • Nieve (snow)
  • Angel (angel)
  • Buena (good)
  • Hermosa (beautiful)
  • Amor (love)
  • Aconcia (comets)
  • Alegría (joy)
  • Alta (high or tall)
  • Amata (loved)
  • Baja (short woman)
  • Baya (berry)
  • Blanca (white)
  • Bonita (pretty woman)
  • Belita (beautiful)
  • Bricia (variant of Brigid)
  • Brisa (breeze)
  • Candela (candle)
  • Carmelita (little garden)
  • Dia (day)
  • Dulcea (sweet)
  • Eriella (lioness)
  • Esabella (devoted to God)
  • Estrella (star)
  • Fantasia (fantasy)
  • Faustina (lucky woman)
  • Felicidad (lucky)
  • Felipa (A woman who is friendly with horses)
  • Felisa (lucky and successful)
  • Florita (flower or blossom)
  • Gitana (gypsy, or wanderer)
  • Grecia (graceful)
  • Hija (daughter)
  • Jacinda or Jacinta (hyacinth flower)
  • Juanita (feminine form of Juan or John)
  • Latoya (victorious)
  • Lavada (pure)
  • Leonora (bright)
  • Leya (Loyalty)
  • Lindo (lovely)
  • Lora (like the laurel)
  • Lucita (little light)
  • Luza (light)
  • Maria (mother of Jesus)
  • Madra (mother)
  • Maite (lady of the house)
  • Margarita (a delicious drink, a daisy flower)
  • Mariposa (like a butterfly)
  • Niña (little girl)
  • Paloma (dove)
  • Perla (pearl)
  • Reina (queen)
  • Rosita (Little rose)
  • Selena (Moon goddess)
  • Safira (sapphire)
  • Salsa (a dance)
  • Santina (little saint)


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Spanish names for male cats

  • Esponjoso (fluffy)
  • Cielo (sky or heaven)
  • Gato (male cat)
  • Lión (lion)
  • Tigre (tiger)
  • Cazador (hunter)
  • Oso (bear)
  • Rio (river)
  • Segundo (second)
  • Pequeño (small)
  • Bueno (good)
  • Hermoso (beautiful)
  • Amante (Lover)
  • Cerveza (beer)
  • Allegro (music)
  • Valiente (brave)
  • Dulce (sweet)
  • Leonor (bright)
  • Lupe (wolf)
  • Sanche (blessed one)
  • Silvi (from the woods)
  • Tequila
  • Tierra (earth)
  • Alfonso (noble)
  • Amado (loved)
  • Carlito (young Charles)
  • Chico (boy)
  • Lobo (wolf)
  • Luz (light)
  • Nacho
  • Oro (gold)
  • Reyes (kings)
  • Rico (rich)
  • Sierra (mountains)
  • Tiburon (shark)
  • Ronroneo (purr)
  • Suave (soft)
  • Tipo (Kind)
  • Feliz (Happy)
  • Niño (little boy)
  • Noche (night)
  • Lindo (pretty)
  • Hermoso (handsome)
  • Loco (crazy)
  • Feroz (Fierce)
  • Peludo (furry)
  • Bigotes (whiskers)
  • Sombra (shadow)
  • Caliente (hot)
  • Corto (short)
  • Fuerte (strong)
  • Gordo (fat)
  • Joven (young)
  • Seguro (safe)
  • Vivo (alive)


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