18 Of The Coolest Pet Names We Saw On Social Media This Month

Here at Cuteness, we see a lot of pet names. And to paraphrase a now classic meme from 2016, they're all good pet names, Brent. Really, they are. But, naturally enough, some pet names rise above the fray.

Be them unique or original, punny or ridiculous, inspired by everyday objects or poached from pop culture, they're instantly memorable and im-paw-sible to forget.

Presented below: 18 of the coolest pet monikers, appellations, aliases, handles, sobriquets, and nicknames that we stumbled across on the internet this month.

1. Dunkin

Dog named Dunkin
"'You’ve got to be hecking kidding me.' Everyone meet our newest rescue! We rescued him this morning and still doesn’t have a name. Suggestions welcome!"
credit: Facebook

Inventive spelling? Donut brand homage? Some combination of the two? Regardless of the math in this inspo equation, it all adds up to πŸ’―%.

2. Kalbaz

orange tabby cat named Kalbaz
"My little buddy is now 4 😍 They grow so fast. His name is 'Kalbaz' which means chubby in Arabic."
credit: Khaled Papacito via Facebook

Because obscure words surfaced from foreign languages are an easy and effective way to put a unique stamp on your pet's name.

3. Pinecone

dog named Pinecone
"His name is PINECONE and he’s a 4.5 months old mini Aussie!"
credit: Sarah Elizabeth Giles via Facebook

Heart-eyes.exe has stopped responding, please reboot ASAP.

4. Applesauce

dog named Applesauce
"This is Applesauce (Apple for short) 🍎 She’s coming home with me next month [and] she’s an Ee cream mini dachshund."
credit: Birdie Wood via Facebook

Pet names derived from foods aren't all that uncommon β€” see this list of 200 such examples β€” but they really click when the dish and the animal share a likeness or, in this case, a golden hue.

5. Zuke

dog named Zuke
"Meet Zuke. Often mistaken for a dalmatian, but once he's full grown people will think he's a cow."
credit: Aman da Ariell via Facebook

There's no room for ambiguity here: Big dogs need powerful names. Or it's slang for zucchinis. Either way, it's perfect.

6. Jorah

orange tabby kitten named Jorah
"Jorah. He will be 5 weeks old this Saturday."
credit: Kenji Muto via Facebook

HBO's Game Of Thrones 8-season run has officially come to a close but the characters' names, we suspect, will continue to have appeal for many winters to come.

7. Bunker

dog named Bunker
credit: Amanda Widom via Facebook

That's Bunky to his fans and frens, of which, we are sure there are untold multitudes.

8. Kit Foxington

dog named Kit Foxington
"Anyone else have a cute fox doggo? This is my boy Kit Foxington β™₯️🦊"
credit: Lilly Archer via Facebook

Cutest. Pun. Ever.

9. Einar

dog named Einar
"Attention all shoppers: There's an adorable dog in Aisle 3."
credit: Mackenzie Viera via Facebook

Old Norse for bold and valour.

10. Nacho Pants

Dalmatian dog named Nacho Pants
"Nacho Pants is 5 today. This is his birthday mlem πŸ₯³πŸŽ‚πŸŽπŸŽˆπŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ"
credit: ZoΓ« Lauren via Facebook

Pairing unrelated nouns can read like one of those name generator memes your former college roommate might share on Facebook, but Nacho Pants is pure brilliance.

11. Kugel Remington Von Fluffybottom III

corgi dog named Kugel Remington Von Fluffybottom III
"Kugel Remington Von Fluffybottom III Does. Not. Approve."
credit: Zachary Zee via Facebook

If brevity bookends one side of the pet name binary, then exaggerated and formal-ish, multiple word embellishments occupy the other. For bonus points, accessorize with an honorific.

12. Splinter

dog in hat named Splinter
"I have a funny feeling that Splinter doesn't love this hat as much as I do."
credit: Megan Crane via Facebook

Just add four turtles, Renaissance teenagers or otherwise, for the full package.

13. Sourdough

corgi dog named Sourdough
"Sourdough was disapproving [of] his pupachino"
credit: Michael Baldwin via Facebook

There are loaf goals and then there are loaf goals.

14. Banter

boxer dog named Banter
"This is Banter the boxer. He has finally done not one! Not two! But three balls proudest of boys he is."
credit: Mary Ryan via Facebook

He's not fresh, just mouthy.

15. Mookers

cat named Mookers
"This is Mookers everyone, he's a sweet precious bean, and also still runs around like he's 2 and he's almost 10. πŸ˜‚"
credit: Rachel Scott via Facebook

FACT: Pluralizing almost any word makes it 350% cuter. (We'll die on this β›°.)

16. Nor

pug dog named Nor
credit: Sarah Norma via Facebook

Make it happen already: Name your other pup Neither and watch the grammar fireworks fly.

17. Dr. Stroganoff

dog named Dr. Stroganoff
"that tag tho"
credit: Milla Jo via Facebook

Bringing beats #4 & #11 (above) together is for expert pet naming ninjas only.

18. Simon Furocious

when Freddie Mercury met Sid Vicious
"Call 911, I have a sick burn to report"
credit: Mark Lore via Facebook

Okay, something of a cheat here, but this anecdote about the time Queen singer Freddie Mercury pinned an epic dis on punk rock legend Sid Vicious is just crying out to be a real thing.

Does your pet have a unique name (or nickname)? Share it with us in the comments below!