159 Funny Cat Names Guaranteed to Make You LOL

Like art, comedy is all in the eyes of the beholder. That said, these 160 cat names are objectively funny and will never not elicit LOLs from all who hear them.

cat named skateboard
"She named him Skateboard. 😂"
credit: melaneekate via Instagram

Funny names for male cats

• Aiden Bigglesworth Meow Meow Yoru Puddin Mr. Fatbottom

• Albus Purrrrrcival Wool-fric Brian Fluffledore

• Beef Supreme

• Boomer

• Bonkers Bob

• Brad Kitt

• Brewster Chewybear

• Bruiser

• Butters Biff

• Captain Tuna Buttons

• Carlin With A K

• Catamir Lennon

cat named Turtle
"Her name is really turtle, lol. Like the cheesecake...vanilla with chocolate and caramel.) 😂"
credit: chasingninjas via Instagram

• Chaplin, Chaps or Chappie

• Chef Boyardee

• Chexly

• Chubbs

• Colonel Snazzypants

• Count Wigglybutt

• Crusher (or Bone Crusher)

• Diesel Dan

• Dunkin Butterbeans (or Dunks)

• Edward Scissor Paws

• Jean-Clawed Van Damme

• Garfield

• Gatsby Catsby

• Gonzo Garu

• Greg from Accounting

cat named Twilight Sparkle
"Mick learned his new five year old human sister tried to christen him “Twilight Sparkle.” 😹🤣🤷🏻‍♀️"
credit: varas.little.lyons via Instagram

• Governor Clarence Bumblesnout

• Indiana Bones

• Isaac Mewton

• Jason Mewmoa

• Jean-Clawed Van Damme

• Jonathan Supersocks

• Jude Paw

• Jungle Joe

• Kit Foxington

• Kronk Alert

• Laptop Larry

• Lefty Southpaw

cat named Norman Bates
"Really hoping that Norman finds his way home."
credit: kellyonwest via Instagram

• Lord Leopold

• Meatball Mike

• Meatloaf (or Meatloafer)

• Meowzart

• Mr. Balloon Hands

• Mr. Meowgi

• Mr. Pickles

• Monsieur Le Colonel Moustache

• Nacho Pants

• Newton Reginald Schibbelhut

• Nudacris

• Pinecone Patrick

• Rambo Casserole

• Sergeant Snuggles

• Simba-bot

• Simon Furocious

cat named Rhino Whiskers
"Wait for meeee guys ...."
credit: rhinowhiskers via Instagram

• Skipper Sam

• Slim Pantsalot

• Spartacus Creamsicle

• Squishy Con Queso, ESQ

• Suds

• Tank X

• Thumbs Hemingway

• Trouble Boogers

• Webster Doodledoodle

• Whiskerus Maximus

• Will Feral

• Winston Purrchill

• Zanzibar L. Snortsnoot

Funny names for female cats

• Alice Pooper

• Applesauce

• Biscuit McWhiskers

• Bobolina Pinky Poo

• Bubbles Lollipop

• Candalicious

• Cat Benatar

• Dot Matrix

• Dutchess Mouse McMittens

• Eggroll Emily

cat uses internet to search for funny cat names
"Going to pick up a new kitten tomorrow so I'm searching for great cat names..."
credit: lamarquardt via Instagram

• Farrah Pawcett

• Feline Dion

• Foxy Spreadsheets

• Gypsy Ditto

• Helen Smeller

• Licorice Lily

• Linda from HR

• Lucy Fur

• Ali Marbles

• Margaret Catwood

• Margaret Scratcher

• Milkshake Mo

cat named Lord Leopold
"This #beast #meanmuggin y'all."
credit: katydid52 via Instagram

• Napkin (or Naps)

• Penny Pie Sparklepants

• Pepper Blue Hotsauce Peters

• Pepsi DiCola

• Pesky Piper

• Princess Bubblegum

• Queen Hissyfit

• Reece Whiskerspoon

• Sugar Britches

• Sunny Summersunburst

shelter has funny names for adoptable cats
"I just had to post another one"
credit: reviews_n_stuff via Instagram

• Tinkerbell Jenkins

• Tiger Copa Khan Ice Cream

• Toodles

• Trooper Brushyneck

• Velcro Val

• Voldetort (for tortoiseshell cats)

• Wendy Wondercat

• Widget Von Doom

Funny names for male or female cats

• Atomic Toaster

• Baggles

• Bizzle Chips

• Bear Burrito

• Bon Bon

• Chex or Checkers

• Chicklet

• Chicken Thunderbolt

• Choo Choo Boo Boo

• Crowbar

Cat named Jabberwocky WhiskerSmith
"Having a strong name is important. Credentials be damned, I've just found my new accountant."
credit: applecoreandseeds via Instagram

• Dingdong

• Disco Cheetah

• Dr. Bannana Pancakes

• Dumptrux

• Fluffaluffagus

• Fluffs McGiggles

• Fresh Prints

• Friendship Express

• F.U.D. Feline Under Foot

• Gravel (or Gravs)

• Gravy

• Jabberwocky Whiserksmith

• Killmouski

• KittySmalls & Tupacshapurr

Cat named Baulzack, lol
"This kitty wins the name game by far! His name is Baulzack😹 "
credit: orlandoholisticvet via Instagram

• Lunchbox

• Magic Muffin

• Miniwheats

• Monochromaticat

• Professor PuddinPop

• Report Card

• Rhino Whiskers

• Scrabbles

• Send Noodles

• Skateboard

• Snackpack

• Sparkle Cloud SNOBOL

• SNOBOL ("StriNg Oriented and symBOlic Language")

• Sticky

• Suitcase

cat named Junjun
"See you soon junjun🤪🤣 hahah"
credit: mae_amador6 via Instagram

• Taco Cat Spelled Backwards Is Still Taco Cat

• Tiny Thursday

• Tarmac (for black cats)

• Tractor

• Treats McG

• Toothless Truffle

• Toothpick Splinter

• Tumble Bumble

• Tumtum McPuff

• Yeti Sphaghetti

• Yukons Gold Grand Slam

• Ziplock

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