16 Pets Staying Cozy at Home

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In these trying times, it's good to have experts who can advise us on how to proceed with life. When it comes to hunkering down and staying in place, these pets are just those experts.

1. Mmm, fresh laundry smell.

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2. Mmm, dirty laundry smell.

3. That belly is a trap and you know it.

4. The only way to be 100% sure you don't miss breakfast.

5. Just a big old pile of fluff.

6. Naps are better with a buddy.

7. Getting food and affection is such a difficult life.

8. Most ferocious guard dog.

9. Nothing like a jigsaw puzzle to keep the mind stimulated.

10. Look at this sleeping beauty.

11. Shh, there's a surprise in the pillow.

12. "Who is pupper? Am parrot!"

13. "Share your warmth with me, brother."

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14. The bed just like, explodeded or something.

15. Spine? What spine?

16. Blop.