People Are Sharing Pictures of Their Cats Hiding & It Is Too Cute

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In these uncertain times, people welcome wholesome diversions. Like cats doing a stealthy snooze.

That, anyways, is the takeaway from a now viral tweet making the rounds on the interwebs.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

Posting on the microblogging platform, Kate Hinds, an editor at a radio station in New York City, challenged her followers to find the cat sleeping on her (very awesome) bookshelf overflowing with all manner of media & artfully strewn bric-a-brac.

"Today in find the cat," she wrote.🔎🐈

Cute spotters, both amateur and expert, quickly leaned into the ask — but the location of the conked out critter was not easily divined.


"Where the **** is that cat," mused one stumped contestant in a state of low-key anguish.

"I just earned 5 minutes of quiet from the 8-year-old as she looked for the cat," added a second (happily), a testament to the rewarding and engrossing task at hand.

"Did anyone else actually find the Kitten/Cat ?", questioned a third, perhaps in frustration or perhaps rhetorically.

Eventually, Hinds herself revealed the answer — and it 100% checks out because cats, as everyone knows, gravitate towards free sources of the warms.

Here, let's zoom back out for context.

Not so hard after all, now was it (and, oh, for the record, I, your humble writer, totally found the cat w/o cheating — YAY ME!).

*Accepts trophy, gives extended acceptance speech.*

Gauntlet officially cast down, folks quickly started pegging images of their own sneaky cats to the thread and naturally things got HELLA ADORBS.



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"On What'sApp we regularly set a "Spot the Jeff" competition. Jeff is the cat."

"Ha! That’s one of our favorite games too!"

"Yeah, well we think ours is plotting to kill us"

"Too cute"

"Cats find the weirdest places to nap"

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"Me wondering if it is safe to break quarantine"

"Something about cats and bookcases"

"Let’s play a game of Spot the cat!"

"Wesley says, 'Why hide behind the TV when you can camouflage instead?'"

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"Find the snow leopard stalking its prey!"**

** This one is hard AF. Scroll for the answer ...









"This is Magic’s hiding spot when it’s time for him to be groomed. We don’t have the heart to tell him it’s not that good."

"Here's my hidey kitten"

"I need everyone to check their camera rolls and put together a thread of 'Where’s the Cat'—I haven’t been this calmed by a tweet in a LONG time."


"Our neighbours cat hiding on our other neighbours terrace - I was going to tell them but didn't want to grass on him!"

"Hint - look for the ears"

"Hint: there are actually two cats in this picture" 🤣🤣🤣

In the end, the final word went to the OP, who's older tweets confirmed that finding her dozy cat isn't a bug — it's a feature!

(Bottom basket, on the right.)

And thus concludes our test. We hope you haven't torn your hair out.


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