"Star Wars" But With Cats In Epic "Empire Scratches Back" Remake

By Travis Greenwood

More than 37 years after The Empire Strikes Back blasted into movie theaters, it remains one of the most memorable scenes in all of moviedom: Darth Vader revealing — MASSIVE SPOILERS JUST IN CASE YOU'VE BEEN FROZEN IN CARBONITE FOR THE LAST FOUR DECADES — that he is Luke's father.

credit: Pasdidée

What was mind-blowing then, remains, as the expression of this young Padawan watching it for the first time makes clear, mind-blowing now.

So it's no surprise that today's keyboard creatives continue to spoof the clip for LOLs. Case in point: YouTuber Pasdidée, who has recast the fifth episode of the space opera with furry felines, juxtaposing the original video with home-shot footage synched below.

While the latter might lack the technical rigor or production values of the source material, it's a faithful homage nonetheless.

Here's Luke inching off the catwalk (YUP, WE WENT THERE) above Cloud City's central air shaft while his counterpart, a Force-sensitive Jedi cat, retreats to the safety of its cat tower.

Luke on the Bespin catwalk vs cat on the Bespin catwalk
credit: Pasdidée

And this is our villain sharing his plans for galactic rule. Cats can't really clench their paws but that doesn't mean they aren't any less willing to Force choke you into feeding them.

Join me, and together, we can rule the galaxy as father and feline!
credit: Pasdidée

What really sells the video is the final shot. So many emotions, so many feels, so many NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO's.

credit: Pasdidée

One thing happily left on the floor of the editor's cutting room: paws sliced off by lightsabers!

Watch the whole thing right meow: