525 Villain Names For Cats

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Every hero needs a foe and every cat needs a name.

If you want to indulge your pet's mischievous side (or penchant for getting into TROUBLE, which might itself be a fun name because you can literally say "here comes Trouble"), consider giving them a villainous name that embraces the dark side.


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To make it easy for you, we've pulled together a list of 525 big bads from across the pop culture spectrum, including movies, TV shows, books, video games, theaters and more.


Basically, if you're an iconic villain or supervillain, you're on our list of potential names for your new kitty companion. (Cue the evil cackles and finger-tenting buwhahaha)!

Villainous Names For Cats From Movies

Male Names


• Auric or Goldfinger (​James Bond​)

• Bill (​Kill Bill​)

• Biff or Tanner (​Back To The Future​)


• Boba or Fett (​Star Wars​)

• Bossk (​Star Wars​)

• Chucky (​Child's Play​)


• Cody (​White Heat​)

• Darth or Vader (​Star Wars​)

• Dean or Wormer (​Animal House​)



• Dooku (​Star Wars​)

• Ernesto (​Coco​)

• Frank or Booth (​Blue Velvet​)


• Freddy or Krueger (​A Nightmare On Elm Street​)

• Gozer (​Ghostbusters​)

• Greedo (​Star Wars​)


• Gordon or Gekko (​Wall Street​)

• HAL (​2001: A Space Odyssey​)

• Hans or Gruber (​Die Hard​)

• Hux (​Star Wars​)

• Immortan Joe (​Mad Max: Fury Road​)

• Ivan or Dragon (​Rocky IV​)

• Jabba (​Star Wars​)

• Jack or Torrance (​The Shining​)

• Jafar (​Aladdin​)

• Jango (​Star Wars​)

• John or Doe (​Se7en​)

• Johnny or Lawrence (​The Karate Kid​)


• Keyser or Söze (​The Usual Suspects​)

• Lord Humungus (​Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior​)

• Ming The Merciless (​Flash Gordon​)

• Kylo or Ren (​Star Wars​)

• Norman or Bates (​Psycho​)

• Ratcliffe (​Pocahontas​)

• Rattlesnake Jake (​Rango​)

• Roy or Batty (​Blade Runner​)

• Scar (​The Lion King​)

• Smith (​The Matrix​)

• Thulsa Doom (​Conan The Barbarian​)

• Tony or Montana (​Scarface​)

• Travis or Bickel (​Taxi Driver​)

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Female Names

• Annie or Wilkes (​Misery​)


• Cruella De Vil (​One Hundred And One Dalmatians​)

• Grimhilde (​Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs​)

• Harts (Alice In Wonderland)

• Maleficent (​Sleeping Beauty​)

• Mama Fratelli (​The Goonies​)

• Phasma (​Star Wars​)

• O-Ren Ishii (​Kill Bill​)

• Regina (​Mean Girls​)

• Yzma (​The Emperor's New Groove​)

Gender Neutral Names

• Armitage (​Get Out​)

• Barbossa (​Pirates Of The Caribbean​)

• Beetlejuice (​Beetlejuice​)

• Carmody (​The Mist​)

• Chgurh (​No Country For Old Men​)

• Clu (​Tron​)

• Clubber (Rocky III)

• Jigsaw (​Saw​)


• Judge or Smails (​Caddyshack​)

• Khan (​Star Trek​)

• Landa (​Inglorious Basterds​)

• Lil 'Ze (​City Of God​)

• Lotso (​Toy Story 3​)

• Monstro (​Pinocchio​)

• Nedry (​Jurassic Park​)

• Palpatine (​Star Wars​)

• Pennywise (​It​)

• Pinhead (​Hellraiser​)

• Ratigan (​The Great Mouse Detective​)

• Ronno (​Bambi​)

• Sebulba (​Star Wars​)

• Scut or Farkus (​A Christmas Story​)

• Sid (​Toy Story​)

• Snoke (​Star Wars​)

• Stromboli (​Pinocchio​)

• Sykes (​Olivers & Company​)

• Tamatoa (​Mona​)

• Vidal (​Pan's Labyrinth​)

• Voorhees (​Friday The 13th​)

• Wilford (​Snowpiercer​)

• Winkle (​The Adventures Of Ichabod And Mr. Toad​)

• Xeno, Xena, Xeni (Short for the xenomorph, the species from the ​Alien​ franchise)

• Zuul (​Ghostbusters​)

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Villainous Names For Cats From TV Shows

Male Names

• Al or Swearengen (​Deadwood​)

• Arthur or Mitchell (​Dexter​)

• Angelus (​Buffy The Vampire Slayer​)

• Arvin or Sloane (​Alias​)

• Barrow (​Downton Abbey​)

• Benjamin or Linus (​Lost​)

• Bob (​Twin Peaks​)

• Boss or Hogg (​The Dukes Of Hazzard​)

• Carl Gerhard Bush Spender (a/k/a the Cigarette Smoking Man or Cancer Man from ​The X-Files​)

• Clay or Morrow (​Sons Of Anarchy​)

• Cottonmouth (​Luke Cage​)

• Count or Olaf (​A Series Of Unfortunate Events​)

• Davos (​Iron Fist​)

• Gus or Fring (​Breaking Bad​)

• Hank or Scorpio (​The Simpsons​)

• Joffrey (​Game Of Thrones​)

• J.R. (​Dallas​)

• Lucifer (​Supernatural​)

• Montgomery or Burns (​The Simpsons​)

• Negan (​The Walking Dead​)

• Newman (​Seinfeld​)

• Ramsay or Bolton (​Game Of Thrones​)

• Schoonover (​Daredevil​, ​The Punisher​)

• Shades (​Luke Cage​)

• Tony or Soprano (​The Sopranos​)

• Vern (​Oz​)

• Walter or Heisenberg (​Breaking Bad​)

• Zuko (​Avatar: The Last Airbender​)

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Female Names

• Abby or Cunningham (​Knots Landing​)

• Addison (​Grey's Anatomy​)

• Alexis (​Dynasty​)

• Angela or Channing (​Falcon Crest​)

• Catra (​She-Ra And The Princess Of Power​)

• Cersei (​Game Of Thrones​)

• Claire or Underwood (​House Of Cards​)

• Darlene or Snell (​Ozark​)

• Diana (​V​)

• Evelyn or Poole (​Penny Dreadful​)

• Khaleesi (Game Of Thrones)

• Kimberly or Shaw (​Melrose Place​)

• Livia (​The Sopranos​)

• Lucretia (​Spartacus​)

• Madam Satan (​Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina​)

• Mona (​Pretty Little Liars​)

• Morgana (​Merlin​)

• Rachel or Duncan (​Orphan Black​)

• Slade (​Arrow​)

• Sue or Sylvester (​Glee​)

• Vee (​Orange Is The New Black​)

• Villanelle (​Killing Eve​)

Gender Neutral Names

• Borg (​Star Trek​)

• Carver (​Nip/Tuck​)

• Crowley (​Supernatural​)

• Frey (​Game Of Thrones​)

• Hive (​Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.​)

• Lenny or Busker (​Legion​)

• Lorne or Malvo (​Fargo​)

• Pelant (​Bones​)

• Rowan or Pope (​Scandal​)

• Samaritan (​Person Of Interest​)

• Snow (​The Hunger Games​)

• Spike (​Buffy The Vampire Slayer​)

• Sylar (​Heroes​)

• Waterford (​The Handmaid's Tale​)

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Villainous Names For Cats From Literature

Male Names

• Ahab (​Moby-Dick​)

• Blofeld (​Thunderball​)

• Claudius (​Hamlet​)

• Count or Dracula (​Dracula​)

• Dorian (​The Picture Of Dorian Gray​)

• Draco or Malfoy (​Harry Potter​)

• Grendel (​Beowulf​)

• Grindelwald (​Harry Potter​)

• Holden (​Blood Meridian​)

• Iago (​Othello​)

• Mephistopholes (Doctor Faustus)

• Michael or Corleone (​The Godfather​)

• Moriarty (​Sherlock Holmes​)

• Mr. Dark (​Something Wicked This Way Comes​)

• Napoleon (Animal Farm)

• Patrick or Bateman (​American Psycho​)

• Pazuzu (​The Exorcist​)

• Smaug (​The Lord Of The Rings​)

• Svidrigailov (​Crime And Punishment​)

• Uriah or Heep (​David Copperfield​)

• Xan (​Children Of Men​)

Female Names

• Bellatrix (​Harry Potter​)

• Mary or Lick (​Geek Love​)

• Medea (​Euripiedes​)

• Ratched (​One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest​)

• Umbridge (​Harry Potter​)

• Zenia (​The Robber Bride​)

Gender Neutral Names

• Ames (​East Of Eden​)

• Chillingworth (​The Scarlet Letter​)

• Danvers (​Rebecca​)

• Flagg (​The Stand​)

• Frollo (​The Hunchback Of Notre Dame​)

• Gollum (​The Lord Of The Rings​)

• Hook (​Peter Pan​)

• Jaws or Sharky (​Jaws​)

• Mondego (​The Count Of Monte Cristo​)

• Pinkie (​Brighton Rock​)

• Ripley (​The Talented Mr. Ripley​)

• Satan (​The Divine Comedy​)

• Sauron (​The Lord Of The Rings​)

• Severus or Snape (​Harry Potter​)

• Shere (​The Jungle Book​)

• Voldemort (​Harry Potter​)

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Villainous Names For Cats From Cartoons & Comic Books

Male Names

• Bane (​Batman​)

• Baron or Zemo (​Captain America​)

• Carnage (​Spider-Man​)

• Claw (​Inspector Gadget​)

• Destro (​G.I. Joe​)

• Doofenschmirtz (​Phineas And Ferb​)

• Galactus (​The Fantastic Four​)

• Gargamel (​The Smurfs​)

• Gaston (​Beauty & The Beast​)

• Gorilla or Grodd (​The Flash​)

• Hades (​Hercules​)

• Johann or Schmidt (​Captain America​)

• Juggernaut or Juggs (​The X-Men​)

• Justin or Hammer (​Iron Man​)

• Kaecilius (​Doctor Strange​)

• Kang (​The Fantastic Four​)

• Kilgrave (​Jessica Jones​)

• Killer or Croc (​Batman​)

• Krang (​Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles​)

• Kraven (​Spider-Man​)

• Lex or Luther (​Superman​)

• Lobo (​DC Comics​)

• Loki (​Thor​)

• Malekith (​Thor​)

• Megatron (​Transformers​)

• MODOK (​Captain America​)

• Mumm-Ra (​ThunderCats​)

• Otto or Octavius (​Spider-Man​)

• Penguin or Chester Cobblepot (​Batman​)

• Riddler (​Batman​)

• Serpentor (​G.I. Joe​)

• Shredder (​Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles​)

• Skeletor (​Masters Of The Universe​)

• Starscream (​Transformers​)

• Thanos (​The Avengers​)

• Tomax or Xamot (​G.I. Joe​)

• Ultron (​The Avengers​)

• Venom (​Spider-Man​)

• Victor Von Doom (​The Fantastic Four​)

• Wilson or Fisk (​The Kingpin​)

• Zartan (​G.I. Joe​)

• Zod (​Superman​)

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Female Names

• Baroness (​G.I. Joe​)

• Cheetah (​Wonder Woman​)

• Circe (​Wonder Woman​)

• Cyril Sneer (​The Raccoons​)

• Enchantress (​The Suicide Squad​)

• Ghost (​Ant-Man​)

• Giganta (​Wonder Woman​)

• Gothel (​Tangled​)

• Harley or Quinn (​Batman​)

• Hela (​Thor​)

• Medusa (​The Rescuers​)

• Mim (​The Sword In The Stone​)

• Mystique (​The X-Men​)

• Nebula (​Guardians Of The Galaxy​)

• Poison or Ivy (​Batman​)

• Talia al Ghul (​Batman​)

• Urusla (​The Little Mermaid​)

• Viper or Madame Hydra (​The Avengers​)

Gender Neutral Names

• Azrael (​The Smurfs​)

• Dormammu (​Doctor Strange​)

• Ebony or Maw (​The Avengers​)

• Ego (​Guardians Of The Galaxy​)

• Klaw (​Black Panther​)

• Korath (​Guardians Of The Galaxy​)

• Mojo Jojo (​Powerpuff Girls​)

• Storm or Shadow (​G.I. Joe​)

• Toomes (​Spider-Man​)

• Surtur (​Thor​)

• Zola (​Captain America​)

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Villainous Names For Cats From Video Games

Male Names

• Breen (​Half-Life​)

• Bowser (​Mario Bros.​)

• Diablo (​Diablo​)

• Edgar or Ross (​Red Dead Redemption​)

• Goro (​Mortal Kombat​)

• Handsome Jack (​Borderlands​)

• Kefka (​Final Fantasy​)

• Kong (​Donkey Kong​)

• Kuja (​Final Fantasy​)

• Malak (​Knights Of The Old Republic​)

• Shao Kahn ​(Mortal Kombat​)

• Tom or Nook (​Animal Crossing​)

• Tyson (​Punch-Out!​)

• Walugi (​Mario Bros.​)

• Wario (​Mario Bros.​)

• Yeti (​Ski-Free​)

• Zakhaev (​Call Of Duty​)

• Zanza (​Xenoblade​)

Female Names

• Alma (​F.E.A.R.​)

• Carmen (​Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?​)

• Edea (​Final Fantasy​)

• Eve (​Parasite Eve​)

• Gruntilda (​Gruntilda's Lair​)

• Majora (​The Legend Of Zelda​)

• Mother Brain (​Metroid​)

• Olivia or Pierce (​DOOM​)

• Sephiroth (​Final Fantasy​)

• Shodan (​System Shock​)

• Ultimecia (​Final Fantasy​)

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Gender Neutral Names

• Alduin (​The Elder Scrolls​)

• Andross (​Star Fox​)

• Arthus (​World Of Warcraft​)

• Bison (​Street Fighter 5​)

• Chakravartin (​Asura's Wrath​)

• Dominus or Ghaul (​Destiny 2​)

• Dormin (Shadow Of The Colussus)

• Flowey (​Undertale​)

• Fontaine (​BioShock​)

• Ganondorf (​The Legend Of Zelda​)

• Giygas (​Earthbound​)

• GlaDOS (​Portal​)

• Goomba (​Mario Bros.​)

• Inky, Pinky, Blinky or Clyde (​Pac-Man​)

• Kane (​Command & Conquer​)

• Kefka (​Final Fantasy 6​)

• Kerrigan (​StarCraft​)

• King Boo (​Mario Bros.​)

• King Pig (​Angry Birds​)

• Lavos (​Chrono Trigger​)

• LeChuck (​The Secret Of Monkey Island​)

• Lich (​World Of Warcraft​)

• Metal Sonic (​Sonic The Hedgehog​)

• Mewtwo (​Pokemon​)

• Robotnik or Eggman (​Sonic The Hedgehog​)

• Sigma (​Mega Man X​)

• Sinistar (​Sinistar​)

• Wesker (​Resident Evil​)

• Wily (​Mega Man​)

• Vaas or Montenegro (​Far Cry 3​)

• Void Termina (​Kirby​)

• Volgin (​Metal Gear Solid​)

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Villainous Names For Cats From Theater

Male Names

• Caiaphas (​Jesus Christ Superstart​)

• George III (​Hamilton​)

• Herod (​Jesus Christ Superstar​)

• Javert (​Les Misérables​)

• Jekyll or Hyde (​Jekyll And Hyde​)

Female Names

• Audrey II (​Little Shop Of Horrors​)

• Madame Morrible (​Wicked​)

• Roxie or Velma (​Chicago​)

Gender Neutral Names

• Applegate (​Damn Yankees​)

• Caldwell (​Urinetown​)

• Hannigan (​Annie​)

• Lovett (​Sweeney Todd​)

• Macavity (​Cats!​)

• Meers (​Thoroughly Modern Millie​)

• Phantom (​The Phantom Of The Opera​)

• Sikes (​Oliver!​)

• Trunchbull (​Matilda​)

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