11 Of The Most Heartwarming Animal Rescues Ever

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It's hard not to look at a rescue video and think about all the animals who don't get the help they need in time.


But for these eleven critters (dogs, cats, a horse, even an owl!), human aid transformed their sad story into one with a very joyful ending!


1. Down By The Water

This elderly dog was living rough in a water treatment facility. Initially extremely wary of his rescuers, his transformation after loads of love is incredible. He's finally truly living his golden years!

2. Bill Is Sweet William Now

Billy was living on the streets in Greece, starving and suffering from a horrific case of mange. His foster mom tells the story of his recovery and adoption to a loving forever home. The tenderness in her voice when she talks about Billy, as well as the many photos of a happy, healthy, excited dog in his new home, make this video incredibly heartwarming. Warning for distressing 'before' images.


3. A Whale Of A Rescue

A young humpback fatally entangled in a fishing net got lucky when a group of whale fans managed to free her using just a single small knife. Her dance of joy when she was finally able to swim away was extraordinary!


4. Love Bait

Cadence was brought in with severe injuries that suggested she had probably been used as a bait dog. Her gentleness and affectionate nature were obvious even before her wounds began to heal. So many kisses from this sweet pittie to her rescuers! Warning for distressing "before" images.


5. Deerly Beloved

This little fawn was born with a weak leg joint, and his mother abandoned him when he couldn't keep up. But a compassionate human and a handy makeshift leg brace came to his aid. (We'll never doubt the medical value of oatmeal again.) A healthy frolicking baby deer eventually returned to his herd in the wild!


6. Love Will Thaw A Frozen Heart

The weather was below zero when this YouTuber found an orange tabby lying on his porch. She (yes, a rare female orange tabby!) was almost completely frozen and could only move one paw! When she began to recover under loving care and lots of fluffy towels, her finder named her Elsa for the Disney ice queen.



7. Calf Love

Animal Aid Unlimited took in a calf who had been injured in a motor accident, along with his worried mom who refused to leave her baby's side. After a successful surgery and weeks of healing the little cow is frolicking like a little cow should! Warning for distressing "before" images.


8. Cuter By The Dozen

This young pregnant dog was scheduled to be euthanized, but was taken in by Vet Ranch. She gave birth to TWELVE healthy puppies, and all thirteen dogs have since found homes. Bonus cuteness here from the vet's young children, who are enthralled with the newborn puppies.

9. Prettiest Star

Star was a young foal who had been so neglected that his too-small halter had become completely embedded in his face. His complete recovery and gentle affection for the people who saved him are so touching. Warning for distressing "before" images.

10. Rescuing Piper

Customers at a grocery store heard a faint, desperate mewing coming from the storm drain in a parking lot. After 33 hours and the involvement of over a dozen people as well as large amount of equipment, the kitten (later named Piper by one of his rescuers) was finally pulled to safety! He is now happy, healthy, and much loved.

11. Oh, Gigi!

A great-horned owl with a terrible concussion formed a deep bond with the president of the organization that rescued her. Did you know owls give hugs? This one does, anyway!


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