8 Toys To Keep Your Dog Totally Busy

Chocolate Labrador Retriever
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Dogs require a lot of care and attention to make them happy. And while we love playing with our pets, sometimes we just need a little time for ourselves.

With these toys, your canine companion can keep themself occupied and having fun, while you can take the time to focus on your very human responsibilities (no fun, we know).

1. Trixie Flipboard, $14.99


Credit: Trixie

Dogs are smart and curious animals. Surprisingly, there are very few toys and activities that challenge a dog's mind. But the Trixie Flip Board is an interactive toy that rewards dogs for learning.

The Flip Board allows the user to place dog food and treats inside one of the compartments on the board. The treat filled compartments are covered by one of many objects, such as a tube or flip cover. To get the tasty morsel free from the puzzle compartments, your dog has to consider what movement will reveal the treat for each specific piece, giving your brainy pupper a tasty reward for each completed task.

2. Busy Buddy Kibble Nibble Dog Toy, $13.99


Credit: PetSafe

The Busy Buddy Kibble Nibble is a ball-like toy that rolls around while your dog plays with it. This toy will consistently disperse food for your dogs, meaning that the more they work for it, the more treats they get.

The Kibble Nibble's "Treat Meter" lets you decide how frequently food is dispersed, which determines just how long your dog will stay occupied and engaged with this kibble-trapping toy.

3. Busy Buddy Magic Mushroom, $14.99


Credit: PetSafe

Yet another toy by the geniuses at Busy Buddy, the Magic Mushroom dispenses treats as your dog interacts with it. Windows on the toy can be adjusted to disperse snacks as frequently as you please, or just to increase the difficulty of playtime for your pup.

What makes the toy unique is that it both rolls and spins like a top, with the food inside being dispensed depending on how your dog plays with it. It's also dishwasher safe, which is perfect for those extra slobbery playtimes.

4. Dog It Mind Games 3-in-1, $13.99


The Dog It Mind Games 3-in-1 toy is the first to provide three different ways to play with your dog in toy: a slide puzzle, hide and seek, and a spin-a-whirl activity.

5. GameChanger, $27.99


Credit: BarkBusters

Fill the GameChanger up with various kinds of edible goodies for your dog and then place a cover over the food to create a Frisbee-like chew toy. Your pooch will delightfully spend the afternoon trying to get the food out of its rubber prison!

6. Busy Buddy Jack, $7.99


Credit: PetSafe

If your dog gets anxious when you are away from home, then you need a great toy that will hold their attention for more than just a few minutes. That's where the Busy Buddy Jack comes into play. Your dog will chew on the soft rubber parts of the toy to release a tasty rawhide treat from its hiding place.

7. Classic Kong, $6.74

classic kong dog toy

Credit: Kong Company

The Kong Company has been producing their most popular dog toy, the Kong Classic, for over 40 years! It's durable rubber is soft on your dog's teeth, and the patented design makes it bounce in all directions, which makes a game of fetch much more challenging. We like to stuff the Kong with all-natural peanut butter. To make it last extra long, freeze a peanut butter-stuffed Kong to give your dog a tasty treat on a hot day. Oh, and don't worry about the cleanup, the kong is dishwasher safe. The Kong also comes in a black version made for power chewers who need an extra tough toy.

8. Playpaws by Physipet, $44.99


Credit: PhysiPet

Almost every dog owner, at one time or another, has used a knotted rope to play a good-old game of tug of war with their pet. The Playpaws by Physipet allows your dog to have one of these tug-of-war matches without you!