The Most Adorable Holiday Gifts On Etsy Your Pet Needs Right Now

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As some of you know, perusing Etsy for pet-related gifts around the holidays is one of our greatest joys. We've already covered Etsy gifts for pet lovers, and now it's time to move on to gifts for pets themselves. Here are the best Etsy gifts for the pets in your life.

Etsy gifts for cute dogs.

1. Customized Dog Bed by AdoreCustomPetBeds

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Every dog needs a bed with their name on it.


2. Dog Bowtie by Brooklyn Bowtied

These cute as heck bowties come in many different patterns. The Jerome is my personal favorite.


3. P'Iglet Pouch — Made to Order Minky Burrowing Dog Bed with built-in Blanket by ThreeLittleIglets

If you, like me, have a dog that loves to burrow, this bed is a dream come true. Look how cozy that little dog is!


4. Personalized Lazer Engraved Metal Buckle Dog Collar by shopmimigreen

My dog has one of these collars, and it's the best. Not only do I love the design, the laser-engraved buckle means you never have to hear a dog tag jingle again.


5. Custom Pet Blanket by chloedakota

You can get the blanket with your dog's name or a short phrase, if you prefer. So cozy. So cute. So customizable.


6. Fleece Reversible Dog Jacket by SimplyBVermont

I love this jacket style because even my dog, who is weird about wearing clothes, will wear it. Just attach the Velcro under their neck and under their belly, and you have a nice warm dog.


7. Distressed Denim Dog Vest by PabloandCoBoutique

If, on the other hand, your dog is totally cool about wearing clothes, they absolutely need this hilariously cute denim jacket vest, which is guaranteed to make them the coolest dog on the block.


8. 2 Ball Figure 8 Tug by ChewsOnBelay

This toy is made from tennis balls and repurposed climbing rope, and it is an excellent choice for even the heaviest of chewers.


Etsy gifts for adorable cats.

1. Shark Cat Bed by TheCatBall

Perfect for Shark Week or any other week.

2. Pet Hammock by FunnyPet

An adorable way to lounge. This can be for cats or small dogs. (It would be ideal if one of each got in the hammock together.)

3. Triple Bowl Stand by CatPlayFurniture

This genius design allows you to put your cat's food, water, and cat grass all in one place. (The bowls are included.) They also have a cool triangular design if that's more your style.

4. Doughnut Cat Nip Toy by FelineFun

So cute. This shop also has many other food-themed cat-nip toys, including sushi and croissants, in case those foods are more up your (or your cat's) alley.

5. I Got Adopted calendar ornament by DeliciousAccessories

Okay, this one is more for owners than for cats themselves, but it's written in first-person from the cat's point of view, so legally it counts. This ornament is customizable with the date of your cat's adoption and is guaranteed to make you cry!

6. Sisal Cat Tree by CatWoodhouseShop

I really like the minimalist design of this classy cat tree. The cat in the photo also seems to enjoy it.

7. Rattino — Mouse Shaped Cat Scratcher by Cattino

Come on. This is a no-brainer!

8. Organic Cat Toy Gift Basket by PurrfectPayHandMade

This gift basket is ideal for when you want to spoil your own cat, or impress your cat boss at the office. It includes six cat toys made from various materials, and is sure to delight even the most discerning of felines.

If you need even more pet gifts, Etsy has an entire section called "pet pamperer" that I highly recommend. Happy shopping!