15 Of The Funniest Comments Ever Posted To Our (Or Any Other) Facebook Page

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Sometimes the best stuff on Facebook aren't the posts, but the LOL-level reactions to them. Here are 15 of the funniest comments from our page, which, on a related note, you absolutely should be looking at daily.

1. "My cat would leave home if I made this for her. She's such a snob!"

Smell ya later, humans.


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2. "If they do I'm just glad they can't talk.. Lol"

Sorry, not sorry.


3. "If you don't talk to your cat about catnip, then who will?"

Responsibility starts at home.


4. "You must see the Irish womanhood in these but they're all adorable"

Autocorrect will be the death of us all.


5. "There is nothing so wonderful as opening the door and there wiggling all over like a bowl of jello is your dog."

This is objectively true.



6. "My bunny poops smart pills anyone want some"

Off-topic, but good to know!


7. "It’s not really that Trixie is fat - I think it’s more like her head is too small for her body."

That's a very diplomatic way of putting it.


8. "Which sign is most likely to stare at you while licking the same spot on my pant leg for half an hour? That's the kinda cat I have."

Cat.exe is malfunctioning. Have you tried rebooting it?


9. "pupper energy level depleted, please recharge"

Device will bork when charge is complete.


10. "My Great Dane Buddy, was about 1/4 inch short of 4ft tall on all 4s, weighed 185lbs! His farts could clear a whole house!! You'd have to open doors, turn on fans & spray air freshener, to avoid tha nasal assault!!!"

Party guests overstaying their welcome? You know what to do, Buddy.

11. "Clyde may have out grown the cat perch, but he doesn't care."

Some cats just want to watch the world 🔥.

12. "How can that be comfortable"

It's a riddle without an answer.

13. When in doubt, say it with a reaction GIF.

Because a good pun is its own reword. 😉


14. "Same reason human infants and toddlers do, gravity testing. Making sure that gravity still exists, and that the laws of gravity still apply."

Sciencing FTW!

15. "'Doggo'? Not everyone is a millennial. I'll stick with 'dog,' 'dawg,' 'pooch.' NEVER anything millennial."


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