These 20 Pet Photo Fails Are Guaranteed To Keep You LOLing

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Sometimes your mobile device's landscape mode is incapable of capturing the scenic splendor in front of you.


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It's in those times of adversity that you reach for your phone and toggle right until you land on the setting for panoramic photos.

But as one Twitter user recently discovered, this option is not without its own pano pitfalls.


To wit:

"I regret trying to take a cute panorama of my dog," posted @bulletsmikey late last week, the caption accompanied by two images of the man's pup, Reggie, flexed like a walking accordion with fur.

As is so often the case on the microblogging platform, the hilarious photo fail quickly spread beyond the OP's 1900+ followers.


"Why does reggie look like gru’s pet [from Despicable Me]," quipped one man.

Classic memes from the past were invoked: "brothers in arms."

Like any good thread, this one also prompted others to share their own photo flops (relatability FTW!).


"Ha, I got a dog with 2 heads when I did it"

"Don't worry your dog could have been like mine."

Curiosity piqued, we took to Instagram, where, indeed, we unearthed a bevy of similar of pano pet fails, the best and funniest of which are cobbled together below for your scrolling pleasure.


1. "I tried to take a pano pic in an active puppy room. They just don't sit still!!" #lessonlearned

2. "Mum can’t stop laughing... Dad must have pulled a funny face or something"

3. "This was shot somewhere in the post-modern world. The fantastical beast escaping the clutches of man is best described as a metaphor for the seeming futile attempts of mankind to escape our predetermined destinies."

4. "Putting the cat back in caterpillar"

5. "Google Photos decided to give me a second dog!"

6. "Is this a panorama gone wrong or is Moose a literal Devil Dog? 🤷‍♀️🐶"

7. "Meet #OhhFrankie the Cat-Giraffe thanks to iPhone #pano! Lol 😜"

8. "Didn’t realize until now that he has double ears. 😜"

9. "This Christmas, please spare a thought for all the dogs who got stuck at the ends of pano photos and ended up looking a bit wonky."

10. "When the dog spotter becomes the dog spotteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"

11. "Rebooting 'Creature From The Black Lagoon' with my pup won't be easy but here's proof of concept."

12. "Tried to take a pano of the new rug- accidentally glitched the Matrix."

13. "Pano fail is good fail. Kangaroo dog in full flight."

14. "Good evening to everyone except my sister Laika who bit my head off. Just kidding! Papa tried taking a pano and this was the result. Ouch."

15. "Oh no! Meow Me is sawed in half!!!" *

  • = No pets were harmed in the creation of this list.


16. "Mom's phone likes to automatically create panoramas. Sometimes they turn out nice. Other times, they turn me into 2.5 doggos!"

17. "When you play with the pano feature on your phone and you open the gates of hell."

18. "'Honey? Something's wrong with the dog!' We live close to a power plant. Maybe that's it. 😆"

19. "There are short bois and then there are short bois"

20. "Meet Milo, my 11 headed dog."

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