124 Punny Dog Names

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Why adopt a dog when you could adopt a LOLDOG?

A new pup (YAY!) brings the need for a special new name.


And when Max, Spot, or Cooper (fine names all) just won't do because, well, you need something iconic, something legendary, that's when you break the glass and sound the emergency pun alarm.

Video of the Day

Video of the Day

Fortunately for you, we've collected 124 of the punniest dog names from around the web and assembled them below for easy scrolling, deliberating, and workshopping. They'll make you bark with laughter like a literal LOLDOG, unless you are completely, 100% humorless.


Pulled from film, music, pop culture and more, these are the perfect icebreakers IRL or on the internet when people want to know more about your dog. "STICKS in the mind like Scotch tape," they'll gasp

Bookmark it, share it with your friends, family, and neighbors, read it on the floor of the House of Representatives during a legislative filibuster: the options for this list of hilarious dog handles is hecking endless!


124 punny names for male and female dogs

• 50 Scent

• Alan Barkin

• Alanis Morissetter


• Albus Puppledore

• A-leash-a Keys

• Alice Pooper Scooper


• Ally McBeagle

• Anderson Pooper

• Andy Warhowl


• Angela Bassett Hound

• Arf Vader

• Atlas Pugged



• Bark E. Bark


• Bark Ruffalo

• Bark Twain

• Bark Wahlberg

• Barker Posey

• Benedict Cumberbark

• Bilbo Waggins

• Billy Corgi

• Benji Affleck

• Billie Hollidog

• Billy Grrr-ystal

• Bite D. Eisenhowler

• Black Labbath

Genius, billionaire, good boy

• Boba Fetch


• Bob Barker

• Bone Pugs-N-Harmony

• Brad Pitt Bull

• Canine West

• Chewbarka

• Chewy Lewis & The Newspaper

• Christina Waguilera

• Christoper Walken -The- Dog (or Christopher Walkies)

• Coco Kennel

• Collie Firth

• Corgi Cox

• Dane Fonda

• Darth Maul

• David Bow-Wowie

• David Schweimaraner

• Death Cab for Corgi

• Diggy Azalea

• Dingo Starr


• Dr. Cliff Pupstable (or Dr. Sniff Huxstable)

• Drool Barrymore

• Droolius Caesar

• Eartha Sitt

• Elvlicks Presley

• Emimlem

• Ezra Hound From The Dog Pound

• Excalifur

• Fido Castro

• Furcules

• Fuzz Aldrin

• Goldie Hawn Retriever

• Great Claire Danes

• Great Dane Cook

• Great Dane Judi Dench

• Gwyneth Pawtrow

• Hairy Paw-ter

• Heath Fetcher


• Heel Armstrong

• Heck-tor Salamanca

• Howl Jackman

• Hüsky Dü

• Jabba the Mutt

• Jake Gyllenpaw

• James Earl Bones

• Jennifer Pawrence

• Jimmy Chew

• J.K. Growling

• Johnny Rottenweiler

• Jon Bone Jovi

• Jude Paw

• Kanye Westie

• Kenheck Lamar

• Kennel Branagh

• King Charles Bronson

• Lady Bow Wow

• Leash Witherspoon

• Lick Jagger

• Lionel Itchy

• L.L. Drool J

• Lou Breed

• Mary Pupins

• Molly Ringworm

"I'm Woof Blitzer, and you're in the Situation Room"

• Mutt Damon

• Natalie Borkman

• Nine Inch Tails

• Olivia Chewton John

• Orville Redenbarker

• Panting LaBelle

• Pawdrey Hepburn

• Punky Chewster

• Queen Elizabark

• Richard Barx

• Russell Terrier Crowe

• Ryan Fleacrest

• Sarah Jessica Barker

• Samoyed L Jackson

• Sean Doggery

• Sharpie (for Shar-Peis)

• Sheddy Krueger

• Sherlock Bones

• Sighound Freud

• Sinéad O'Collar

• Slobbert Redford

• Snarls Barkley

• Spaniel Craig

• Tailabama Shakes

• Tina Spay

• Tony Bark

• Val Kibble

• Vera Fang

• Virginia Irish Woofhound

• Waggie Gyllenhaal

• Wiggly Azalea

• William Shakespaw

• Winnie the Pooch

• Woof Bader Ginsburg

• Woof Blitzer

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