153 Beatles-Inspired Cat Names

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Over the course of 13 albums and 227 songs, the Beatles forever changed the shape of music with a blend of pop, blues, psychedelia and even hard rock.

When mews meet muse

So it shouldn't be a surprise that pet owners with a love of Liverpool's Fab Four and its distinctive backbeat should look to the band and its deep catalog of hits for inspiration when the time comes to name a newly adopted cat.


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If you're considering a Beatles-inspired name for your kitty, then you've arrived at the right place because we've cobbled together 153 total monikers that draw on everything from the band members (I mean Ringo is never not a good name for any animal) to their world-changing albums.


But also mined for inspiration were the Beatles' multifaceted lyrics and rich history and included as a result are names both expected and those a measure more obscure that will have even hardcore fans digging into their record collections to learn more.

Cat names inspired by members of the Beatles & those in their orbit

• John


• Lennon

• Paul

• McCartney (or McCatney)


• Ringo

• Starr

• George

• Harrison


• Pete

• Best

• Stuart



• Sutcliffe

• Chas

• Newby

• Martin (as in George Martin, the influential producer who helped record some of the band's earliest albums)


• Yoko

• Ono

• Astrid

• Fabs


• Apple (or Apples)

Cat names inspired by the Beatles' records

• Abbey (as in Abbey Road )

• Pepper (or Sgt. Pepper)

• Revolver

• Rubber

• Yellow

• Submarine (or Subs)

• Long Tall Sally (or Long Tail Sally)

Cat names inspired by the Beatles' songs & lyrics

• Maxwell Edison (or The Silver Hammer)


• Mr. Mustard

• Polythene Pam

• Lucy

• Diamond (or Diamonds)

• Prudence (or Prudie)

• Honey Pie

• Blackbird

• Piggies

• Rocky (or Raccoon or Rax)

• Julia

• Bungalow Bill

• Strawberry

• Fields

• Tulip

• Onion (or Glass)

• Walrus

• Lady Madonna

• Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da

• Desmond

• Molly Jones

• Mother Superior

• Sadie


• Skelter (or Helter)

• Savoy

• Truffle

• Marigold

• Tangerine

• Marmalade

• Marshmallow

• Mr. Kite

• Pablo Fanque

• Messrs. K and H (good for a pair of bonded kitties!)

• Vera, Chuck and Dave

• Lovely Rita

• Sugarplum

• Fairy

• Eleanor

• Rigby (or Rigsby)

• Doctor Robert

• Father McKenzie


• Sunshine

• Michelle (Ma Belle)

• Maggie Mae

• Pony

• Stoney

• Jojo

• Sweet Loretta

• Penny

• Lane

• Blue Jay

• Semolina

• Pilchard

• Anna

• Chains

• Misery

• Tax (short for Taxman)

• Lips

• Shake (or Shakes)

• Twist (or Twisty)

• Shout

• Jackknife (or Jacks or Jax)

• Chords

• Tracks (or Trax)

• Hurrican'

• Jubilee

• Mr. Moonlight

• Whisper

• Darling

• Dates

• Chance

• Bells

• Jude

• Beethoven

• Tchaikovsky

• Tears

• Post (short for Postman)

• Fiddle (or Fiddles)

• Money

• Bompa Bom

• Peep (or Peeps)

• Matchbox

• Chip (or Chips)

• Peaches

• Komm

• Squeeze

• Dizzy Miss Lizzie

• Octopus

• Bar (or Bars, from 12-Bar Original)

• Besame Mucho

• Slumbers (or Golden)

• Jonny B Goode

• Junk (or Junks)

• Lucille

• Carol

• Cayenne

• Circles

• Clarabella

• Etcetera

• Monkey

• Bonnie

• Georgia Brown

• Teddy Boy

• Mary Jane

• Blue (or Blues)

• Valerie

• Nancy

• Doris

Names inspired by locations and moments from the Beatles' history

• Liverpool

• Hamburg

• Cavern

• Shea (as in Shea Stadium, site of an iconic 1965 live performance)

• Blackburn

• Tyrol

• Kansas

• Swanee

• Skiffle (or Skiffles)

• Beats

• Blackjax (or Blackjacks)

• Mersey

• Parlo (short for Parlophone Records)

• Heathrow

• Sullivan

Names inspired by the Beatles' personal pets

• Winston

• Tiger

• Martha

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