10 Animals Who Are SO Over Winter & Ready For Spring

This Groundhog's Day, Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow and doomed us all to six more weeks of winter (thanks a bunch, Phil). Phil might be prepared for six more weeks of winter, but plenty of other animals definitely are NOT. Here are 10 animals who are so, so ready for spring.

1. This dog who is hiding under a table and several towels to escape the cold.

2. This cat, who is so thoroughly cocooned, he will probably emerge as a butterfly in spring.

3. This dog who is like, "Wake me up when it's March and... you know what, let's just play it safe and make it April."

4. This dog in a parka who HATES that it's still parka weather.

5. This little guy who STRUGGLES with the snow.

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6. The cat behind this single paw print who made it exactly one step into the snow and then retreated inside to wait for spring.

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7. This dog who is not down for your Cute Winter Selfie.

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8. This dog who lets his audible shivering explain how much he hates the cold.

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9. This Shitzu who is stoically miserable in a snow storm and basically deserves an Oscar.

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10. This pup who fights harder against winter walks than you've ever fought for anything in your life.

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