Clever Good Boy Fetches His Own Stick & It's The Best Thing To Happen Today

This hilarious dog in Austin Texas knows if you want something done right, sometimes you just have to do it yourself.

Fetch Dog
credit: Fetch Dog

The Houston Chronicle reports this clever boy was spotted at "Barking Springs" by freelance videographer Christy LaSalle. (Barking Springs! How great is that name for a dog-friendly wading area?)

Christy captured the video above and says the pup had figured out how to drop his orange stick into the rapid, give it a head start, and then jump in after it to retrieve it. She says he would repeat the process over and over. Which we get, we're doing the same thing watching this video over and over.

Naturally, after seeing this, the next hour of your day will be spent google-ing "dogs playing fetch by themselves." And, boy oh boy does the internet deliver. We'll leave some discoveries for you to find on your own, but to get you started, check out this self-reliant cutie pie whose proud papa can be heard saying "He taught himself to do that. I didn't teach him."