20 Office Cats Hard At Work Officing

We know that when man's best friend goes to the workplace, hilarity and cuteness ensues. But what about cats? How does the 9-5 office grind make them feel?

1. "This is the face my editor makes when we don't meet our weekly quota for pageviews."

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2. "NOM NOM NOM, office cat is taking bites out of your databytes."

3. "If we can't get the printer unjammed, the presentation later today will be a cat-astrophe."

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4. "I've told you this before: Calicos are filed under cat coats, not cat breeds."

5. "Important assignment for you, Bob: We need you to chirp at the pigeons outside the window, and we need you to do it right meow."

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6. "See, there are just too many strings attached to that new sales agreement. Let's bat them back and forth before we sign anything."

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7. "I wanted to look my best for headshot day."

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8. "There's pizza in the break room, Jim." "I'm good, actually, I brought a burrito for lunch today."

9. "Some cats chase the little red dot. Me? I chase promotions."

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10. "Wake me up when it's Friday afternoon."

11. "I climbed the corporate ladder, but now I can't get down!"

12. "Just bring any extra boxes to my desk from this point forward."

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13. "There are advantages and disadvantages to any purr-formance review model, but this company favors the top-down approach."

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14. "That new paw-posal could be really profitable, but I want to sleep on it before any decisions are finalized."

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15. "I want all options — no matter how expensive or outlandish — put on the table. That way I can push them off."

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16. "Let me move it; I'm the only one on the fulfillment team with a cat-3 forklift operator's license."

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17. "You can put any extra copy-cats in the recycling bin."

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18. "Dog-related traffic on the internet is TWICE that of cats? You gotta be kitten me."

19. "Someone's using a laser pointer in the conference room across the hall! BRB, gonna go give them a raise."

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20. "If I fits, I sitttsss...zzz...zzz...zzz..."

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