Grieving Woman Spares No Expense To Find Her Missing Cat

In Marina del Rey, California, where the sunshine is plentiful and the vibes are almost always good, one woman is determined to get her cat back, no matter the cost.

Many people would consider $20,000 a life changing sum of money. But to Bentley's family, it's nothing compared to living a life without their prized 6-month-old kitty. And yes, commenters on a Facebook post of the flyer verified that the reward is NOT a typo.

In addition to offering a five-figure reward, Bentley's family have used bloodhounds and a search and rescue team to help find the feline. Bentley is described as "brown w/black" spotted savannah and is considered an exotic and rare cat. If you have spotted Bentley, please call (310) 299-7905 and then, call your bank!

Find this cat and you'll be $20,000 richer

Posted by CBS Los Angeles on Tuesday, March 7, 2017