Firefighters Rescue A Litter Of Puppies From A Burning Building & We Can't Even Deal

Nine smol puppies — and their doting mom — are safe thanks to courageous firefighters in southern Oregon.

According to an update posted to Facebook, rescue crews with the Jackson County Fire District pulled the four-week-old doggos from a structure fire in Central Point, a town of roughly 18,000 that's located about 270 miles south of Portland.

While five of the tiny woofers — said to be "half Bull Mastiff and half Great Pyrenees," with a dash of hound dog — were treated for minor burns, local veterinarians gave each and every one a head-to-tail examination that revealed no additional health problems.

Video taken the morning after the rescue confirms that the whimpering pups were a bit disoriented, but otherwise in good spirits, with mama hovering nearby to provide gentle reassurance.

Fire District 3 saved nine puppies on a structure fire call this morning. A few of the puppies were singed by the fire, but they are all in good spirits, including mama. The dogs will be headed to the Rogue Valley Humane Society later this morning, if you are looking for a dog, these pups are in need of a good loving home!

Posted by Jackson County Fire District 3 on Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The litter has since been moved to the Rogue Valley Humane Society, where they will live for the next couple of weeks before being made available for adoption.

Embedded below: More shots of the lucky dogs!

h/t: KTLA