Corgi Mermaid Waits On The Shore For Her Prince To Come

There are Labradoodles and Puggles and then there are mermaid corgis like Haiku.

Haiku the mermaid corgi
credit: @GuideDoghall

Ok, so Haiku isn't another random hybrid, but her ability to pull off the mermaid tail is undeniable. Like a true mermaid she's seen in a viral video feeling right at home in the water.

The video was originally posted by Haiku's owner who lives in Chaiyaphum, Thailand..

Haiku is no stranger to getting dressed up for a beach day...

Or hanging with friends on the water...

Haiku and friends on the water
credit: @GuideDoghall

Just keep swimming, Haiku.

Junie House Nàng tiên cá mập

2 vây xinh xinh, cá mập bơi trong bể nước :v Béo thế bảo sao hoàng tử bỏ đi huhu * 2 cutie fins, Ariel in the sea. Too fat so the prince left huhu Credit belong to: ไกด์น้องหมาDoghall พาเที่ยว

Posted by Junie House - Cún Siêu Phàm on Thursday, March 23, 2017

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