Confused Calf Refuses To Believe She’s Not A Dog

Moooooove along. Moonpie is just another calf who thinks she's a dog.

I mean, if you were a dog-sized cow and all your buddies were dogs, wouldn't you naturally assume that you were a dog?

This 8-week old miniature heifer had the good fortune to be rescued from an auction to live at Rocky Ridge Refuge with other rescued animals. Since she's so petite, Moonpie's people thought it best if she lived inside with the dogs.

Paint me like your French girls...

So it was inevitable that she would pick up some doggie habits — like eating in the kitchen and snoozing on the comfy dog beds.

Since Moonpie is still a baby, the dogs have stepped up to the role of Mom by licking her face clean, cuddling, playing fun dog games and basically, teaching this little cow how to dog.

Will she bark and play fetch? Only time will tell. If you don't want to miss a minute of watching Moonpie grow up, follow Rocky Ridge Refuge's Facebook page, where they share pictures of stories of the other adorable rescued animals.