This Boxer Leaning On The Car Horn Is The Funniest Thing You’ll See Today

Ugh, honking is so annoying. Whether someone is road-raging behind you in traffic or a super-sensitive car alarm is set off on your block way too early in the morning, car noises tend to put our teeth on edge.

It's hard to make honking cute, but leave it to a precious pup to make even the most irritating aspects of daily life super-duper adorable.

Meet the Missouri boxer who has become an internet sensation due to his hilarious — and only a SMIDGE irritating — honking.

dog honking
credit: 13KRCG

The boxer waited in an SUV in the Osage Beach Walmart parking lot. Sure, the boxer was waiting, but the little scamp was NOT waiting patiently. The boxer pressed his paw down on the steering wheel repeatedly and the horn blared and blared. Passersby were totally cracking up, and one onlooker, Tarah Kenney, caught the hijinks on her phone, and posted the vid to Facebook, where it has racked up over 10,000 views.

ICYMI: Video of a dog honking for its owner in Osage Beach. (Courtesy: Tarah Kenney)

Posted by KRCG 13 on Thursday, March 30, 2017

Apparently the honking lasted "a good five minutes." And dude, we get it. This boxer is all of us waiting for a person who is taking foreverrrrrr. We all have that person. (And #protip, if you don't know who the slowpoke in your life is, that slowpoke is probably you.)

Of course, the Osage Beach Boxer is by no means the only doggo who has made some serious mischief in the front seat.

There's this little beagle who is using BOTH paws to demand that her owners return to the vehicle IMMEDIATELY.

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And this doggie who knows how to use a heavy hand when it comes to the horn.

There's this pup who sits behind the wheel using the horn nature gave him.

dog honking
credit: gifon007

And, of course, the honking dog in the driver's seat with a dog passenger in the back totally supporting this action.

We HATE when humans honk at us, but we have to admit, we're pretty freaking won over by the doggies of the world using the car horn to get our attention.