Girl Convinces Parents To Adopt Blind Cat After She Sketches Pictures Of Their Life Together

It was love at first sight when Britta Bergeson saw Justice, a blind cat, on the Arizona Humane Society's (AHS) website.

And when the little girl couldn't get images of the sightless animal out of her head, she drew a series of heartfelt cartoons depicting what their life together might look like.

The adorable panels had their desired effect: Britta's parents agreed to adopt the special needs kitty, who has since been renamed Lucky!

According to The Dodo, the 1-year-old stray arrived at the shelter earlier this year after a tip. Unfortunately, trauma to both of Lucky's eyes necessitated surgery to remove them.

Two weeks after first spotting Lucky online, the Bergesons visited the shelter, but Britta only had eyes for Lucky. In an interview, Vanessa Crues, adoptions supervisor at AHS, explained that when staff put the cat on the girl's lap, the bond was immediate.

"Cats can sometimes be a little cautious around people, but she just warmed up immediately... She let [Britta] pet her and was rolling around, and just wanted all the love. It worked out well."

It was on the drive home that Britta first expressed interest in renaming her new BFF. The reasoning was both simple and sweet: "We are lucky to have her and she is lucky to have us!"

Britta snuggles with Lucky the blind cat
credit: Shay Bergeson

But the story gets even better: Lucky has made a seamless transition to her new home, snuggling on couches, finding things to play with (she's reported to be a big fan of socks), and following her new humans from room to room.

Speaking with The Dodo, Shay Bergeson, Britta's mom, said it their newest family member was cautious at first.

"The first two days she stayed in Britta's room in her cat bed, but by the third day she started to venture out and she knows the house so well! She is the best, most sweet cat we have ever owned."

Here's hoping the pair stays together for a long time!

For updates on Britta and Lucky, follow their new Instagram!

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