Cat & Baby Taking Turns In Swing Are Crushing Squad Goals

The internet is littered with tales of indifferent cats that DGASF about the expensive gifts bestowed upon them.

Just last month, we shared the story of Frances, a New Zealand woman who spent 5.5 hours building an elaborate castle for her exotic shorthair, Prince Peachblossom. After 10 minutes of exploration, he was 100 percent over it, never to set paw in the cardboard edifice again.

But there is a silver lining to this catty insouciance: these same felines will lifehack what they find around the house into play things of their own design.

The typical culprit here is a discarded box from Amazon, but these makeshift toys also include bags, bowls, and the like.

Wheezy the cat, however, is no typical feline. And when he found his human sibling, Calvin, in a state of suspension, he promptly twisted the baby swing into a literal baby mobile.

Cat paws at baby in baby swing
credit: Angie Sapik / YouTube


Because sharing is caring, the duo subsequently traded places and more adorableness ensued. Watch as Wheezy adds spin with a wag of the tail. Crafty!

Wheezy the cat uses tail to twists slowly in baby swing
"Look at me. I'm the captain now."
credit: Angie Sapik / YouTube

Full clips embedded below for your viewing pleasure.

It's not all fun and games tho: when they aren't swapping toys, Calvin and Wheezy are cuddle buddies!

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