How This Dog Is Bringing High School Sweethearts Back Together Again

Pull the tissues close because we have a sob story to share. 😭

Meet Rebecca Hernandez and Frankie, former high school sweethearts from Texas. Pictured in the back is Apollo, a dog they adopted shortly after marrying in 2012.

Like most couples, especially young ones, they found that maintaining a marriage was hard work.

School and work-related pressures also took a toll.

While Hernandez tells BuzzFeed News that Apollo was a handful to care for — he was "always doing something he wasn't supposed to and constantly destroying anything we ever bought him" — the adorable pup was a source of happiness that brought them closer.

Even so, the couple's issues continued to grow, which led to a breakup two years ago.

Though neither filed for divorce, she said the pair "had a lot of growing up to do." "We were babies who got married young," Hernandez added.

After the split, Apollo went with Rebecca, where he still lives today.

That isn't to say Frankie is a deadbeat doggy dad — he's been sending a birthday card and present annually. This year, the gift included $50 to spend at Petco. ❤️

But it's the touching message written across both sides of the card that will drag you emotionally.

"Try not to destroy your new toys too quickly. :) I love you buddy. There isn't a day that I don't think of you," it reads, before pivoting to a final line that's both endearing and heartbreaking all at once: "Continue to be there for her like you were for me."

In a tweet that has since gone massively viral, Hernandez cobbled together a photoset of Frankie's letter, captioned with the hashtag #NoBadBlood.

And now people are trying to help the couple reconnect.

Some copped to tears IRL.

Relevant GIFs were posted.

As were memes.

Questions were posed.

And advice was dispensed.

Because brands LOVE social media, even Petco jumped in on the thread to say they wanted to do something "special" for Apollo.

In the aftermath of the viral buzz that accompanied Hernandez's original post, the duo took to Twitter to thank everyone for their support.

No word yet on the state of any would-be reconciliation, but according to this tweet from Hernandez, a date is on the agenda.

"Our families believe that this is what is going to bring us back together again," BuzzFeed reports.


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