Stop What You’re Doing & Watch This Orphaned Kangaroo Jump Into A Pillowcase

Call off the search, friends, because this is it: The single cutest thing to ever surface on the World Wide Web.

Behold, an orphaned baby kangaroo — the sanctuary calls him "Terri" — bouncing enthusiastically into some sort of advanced pillow-pouch hybrid that I'm hoping has been lined with only the softest and coziest of fleeces.

The joey's contentment is PURE. His happiness is our happiness.

But it's not just for heaps of Instagram likes. No, this weapons-grade adorableness also serves a function — and a vital one at that.

According to Terri's handlers at The Kangaroo Sanctuary, the makeshift pouch simulates Mom's warm and welcoming embrace.

"For a little orphaned kangaroo, we put him in a pillowcase, and we carry him around by holding him to our stomachs, so he can feel our breathing and the warmth of our bodies."

In a second video that follows a similar script, they add:

"Baby kangaroos love being held close... just like they would in their mums pouch."

According to SCIENCE, joeys live in their mom's pocket for 8-12 months, so snuggling is a necessary element of any roo's development.

And when their mothers aren't available — cue the 😢 -emojis, everyone — it's imperative that humans step in to help.

Though it's typically the staff that fills this role, the wildlife reserve also invites guests and visitors to try their hand as a joey juggler, as seen in the wonderful pictures below.

No human here, but too aww-inducing to not include, right?

If anyone needs me, I'll be on a plane to Australia. Applying for a job as a human joey pouch surrogate ASAP.

My cuddling skills are tops, references available upon request!

Have you ever cradled a kangaroo? Tell us about it in the comments below.