Meet BOTUS: The Vice Presidential Bunny Who Will Make America Fluffy Again

There is a Vice Presidential bunny, and he is so dang fluffy!

The Pence family bunny, Marlon Bundo, made his first White House appearance this week, upstaging his dad, Vice President Mike Pence, at a gathering of military service members and their families.

Nicknamed BOTUS, this adorable bunny might be the only cuddle-able floof in all of Washington D.C.

He likes kissing kitties.

And eating cilantro.

BOTUS also enjoys keeping the tops of desk warm...

And hanging out with the fam.

Vice President Pence's daughter, Charolette, got the cute black-and-white rabbit for a film she made in college, reports USA TODAY.

Unlike his boss President Donald Trump — who is reported to not have any pets in the White House — Pence brought a menagerie of cuddles to Washington in January.

In addition to Marlon Bundo, there are two kitties, Oreo and Pickles, who are pretty much the cutest.

They do not yet have an Instagram like their brother, which is unfortunate because there are never too many cats on Instagram (as far as we're concerned).

BOTUS isn't the first bunny kept by a presidential administration. According to the Presidential Pet Museum, John F. Kennedy had a rabbit named Zsa Zsa, Theodore Roosevelt loved a little cutie named Peter the Rabbit, and it's rumored that Abraham Lincoln's boys, Tad and Willy, kept a white rabbit. But Marlon Bundo is presumably the first presidential bunny with his own hashtag (#BOTUS), which is super convenient because we're looking forward to Botus' next bundred days in office!

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