This Rescue Dog Just Became A Theater Star

Meet Wilbur. He was rescued by the Arizona Humane Society(AHS), and he's had a truly remarkable journey. Wilbur came to the AHS when their Emergency Animal Medical Technicians were called in to investigate a report of animal cruelty.

They rescued Wilbur from a bad situation—he was about five pounds underweight (which is a huge deal for a Chihuahua like Wilbur). He was dehydrated and malnourished and in need of some serious TLC.

AHS set Wilbur up with one of their foster parents, Ski, who helped rehabilitate the puppy. It took two months, but Wilbur put on the weight he needed to gain and finally he was adoption ready.

But before Wilbur found his forever home, he was scouted to become a star—seriously. As the AHS reported on its website, the Almost Famous Theatre Company decided to partner with the shelter to find animals to perform in its shows. The situation is win-win; the theatre company gets some adorable furry talent, and the shelter gets help finding homes for its adoptable pets.

Wilbur made his stage debut as a pup named "Malibu" in a comedic play called The Supporting Cast that ran from May 11 to May 14. At the play, raffle tickets were collected from people who wanted to adopt Wilbur and the winner was set to be selected on May 15.

Now that's a Hollywood ending.