Little Old Lady Dog Was Lost & Terrified Until She Met Someone Special

We have the softest spot in our hearts for sweet little senior dogs. They are, of course, way harder to place in a forever home than a fluffy little puppy. But senior dogs, even the ones who are basically falling apart, can be THE BEST DOGS EVER. Sometimes they just need a little help.

Such was the case with little Sophia.

This senior dog came to the Atlanta Humane Society with her fair share of issues. She was underweight with heartworm disease and partial blindness. And this little old lady was painfully shy. Sophia would shake and cower and refuse to get near another living soul. Ugh, too sad.

But never fear, this story is about to get super happy (and SUPER cute) super fast. Because everything changed when the Humane Society paired Sophia with Rose.

Once Rose and Sophia became buds EVERYTHING changed. Sophia busted out of her shy little bubble and became as sweet and friendly and waggy-tailed as her BFF Rose.

One of the cutest things about their friendship is how freaking snuggly these two are! They are the cuddliest together in their little doggie bed.

But they're also BIG into human lap cuddling. And the sweetest thing is, once one of them jumps into your lap, the other won't be far behind!!

THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIP, YOU GUYS! We are absolutely obsessed with this little duo, and can't wait for Team Cutie to find their forever home together!

Would you like to adopt these two perfectly paired pups? Contact the Atlanta Humane Society to make room in your home for them today!