Firefighters Hold Their Breath Until Endangered Dog Breathes Again

What's better than a group of firefighters saving people? A group of firefighters saving a puppy! Don't worry, the humans in this story are safe and sound. Now, back to the puppy!

The Snohomish Fire Department received an urgent call on May 22nd at 3:05 p.m. alerting teams of a fire in progress at a nearby residential home.

All residents of the home were out safely (told you they'd be fine), but there was still a precious pup named Sampson left inside. When firefighters arrived at the scene, there was smoke coming out of the windows and they instantly rushed inside. Sampson had to be saved!

The endangered doggo was eventually found and carried out onto the home's driveway.

Sampson was initially unresponsive so medics started CPR compressions and gave the pup oxygen. Additional crews arrived with an animal rescue kit in order to get even more air to the dog in distress. Firefighters undoubtedly held their own breath, waiting for him to respond.

After a few heart-pounding moments, Sampson took a breath and was responsive, leading to a few gleeful exhales from the humans, we're sure.

The fire started on the kitchen stove, according to the Snohomish County Fire Marshal, and was quickly distinguished. The family received help from the Red Cross and Sampson was visited by his rescuers later on that very same day!

Hats off to these brave firefighters for rescuing this fine-looking fido. Just look at that face! We're all smiling with you, Sampson.