Betrothed Retrievers Exchange Collars & Vow To Share Peanut Butter Forever

Meet Hope and Hunter:

Hope and Hunter work as therapy dogs at Children's Mercy hospital in Kansas City. Hope and Hunter love each other as much as they love their patients, and they made things official at an adorable dog wedding on May 18, according to a release from Children's Mercy.

"Hope has always been 'Hunter's girlfriend,' so it only made sense that they should 'marry,'" Missy Stover, Child Life Volunteer and Therapeutic Programs Manager explained.

The retriever couple dressed for the occasion. Hope wore a white wedding dress and veil, and Hunter wore a tuxedo collar because AWWW. They entered the ceremony to a cover of "Chapel of Love," performed by Senior Music Therapist Liesel Stephens and the hospital's music therapy interns, Hannah Gore and Celeste Cler.

The ceremony was officiated by Jake Jacobson, Children's Mercy's director of public relations, who tweeted about the experience, writing, "New to my LinkedIn profile: Dog Wedding Officiant. Congrats to Hope & Hunter on their paw-fect day!"

Retrievers Exchange Collars & Vows In The Best Wedding Ever
credit: Twitter

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to celebrate Hope and Hunter," Jake said during the ceremony. "Before these witnesses, Hunter takes Hope to be his lawfully wedded doggie bride; they bow-vow to love each other, share their banana and peanut butter together, today, tomorrow and forever."

The happy couple exchanged collars (yes, really) and their primary handlers helped out with the "I do's." The bride and groom did kiss after they were pronounced dog and wife, which is almost too much.

Congratulations to Hope and Hunter, who are officially our favorite couple to ship.